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Sims 1 Downloads


All user-made objects are potentially risky to your game.  It is good practice to use a spare neighbourhood with Simmies you don't care about for testing new downloads when you first get them; and keep another spare unplayed neighbourhood for overwriting the test neighbourhood if it starts to crash frequently.  Even if an object works fine in most people's games, I can't guarantee it won't crash yours if you have something set up differently.


Sims 1 Expansion Pack Issues

The downloads on this site were created on a setup with all Expansion Packs including Makin' Magic, and due to major changes in the game engine between HP and HD, I cannot give meaningful support to players with setups earlier than Hot Date or Deluxe.  If reading this, you want to add just one EP in order to use simlogical objects, I suggest Makin' Magic.  That's because the core of the game is at its most stable and powerful in the final release, and you can get the greatest control with it, especially the visitor control.



The objects on this site, unless otherwise stated, are designed for use on residential lots.  Many of them will work on locations such as Downtown too, but I cannot specifically support you with any problems arising from use on locations.  User-to-user support on such matters however is welcomed in the forums.


How to install Simlogical Sims1 downloads

Look to see if there is a .txt file in the zip that might give you any special instructions. If there are none, then take any .iff or .far files out of the zip and put them in Maxis\The Sims\Downloads.   You can make a folder called "simlogical" inside Downloads if you want, but don't keep the folders that your unzipper made.


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An innovative system of tokens and cooperating objects to make a group of rooms function as a restricted-access apartment in an estate of up to four apartments.



Most doors on this page are hacked so that they are either usable only by certain Sims, or at certain times of the Sim day.  Useful with the institution hacks above


This section also has a few individual doors that do other things instead of locking.



All the objects on this page are hacked so that they are either usable only by certain Sims, or at certain times of the Sim day.  Useful with the locked door above, to stop Sims hankering after things they can't get to.



Hacked objects to make a fully functioning prison, hospital, or school



Outdoor objects and plants that can change all change their graphics at the same time to give the appearance of different seasons.  No re-buying to look Christmassy!



Objects that teleport, control or change the status of visitors.



Signs that remove unwanted objects and Sims from the lot.



Multi-object multi-person "event" controllers with teleport and visitor control features, suitable for social events or workplace scenaria.  Sims are forced to use objects until freed by player or timer.  Helpful for storyboarding.



Individually controlled objects for use with Sims already on lot (including visitors and NPCs).  Sims are forced to use object until freed by player.  Helpful for storyboarding.



Objects that give motives or skills a little (or even a lot of) help.



Objects that help the Sims to change outfits, some automatic.



Real functioning curtains in various colours



Lamps that stay on all the time



Safe fireplaces that don't set light to things.



Miscellaneous hacked items



Guides to using simlogical Sims 1 content as well as some general Sims 1 creating help