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These lamps stay on all night and all day.  This is nice if you don't like seeing dark rooms when your Sims are not in them.  If you want your Sims to sleep in a dark room then use normal lamps in their bedrooms.

In daylight, you shouldn't notice the lamps are still on, unless the room does not have enough windows, in which case the permanently on lamps will add a bit of cosy atmosphere.

All these lamps should work in any game version.

This whole range is free to clone  

Click on pictures to download:

    Red table lamp
    Brass table lamp
    Stainless steel table lamp
    Brass wall lamp
    Bulkhead light
    Red ceiling lamp
    Invisible ceiling lamp.  Nothing clever about the graphics, you just have to helplessly click on apparent thin air if you ever hope to delete them again!