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Objects that get rid of certain objects and visitors from the lot.  None of these kill the Sim or destroy the object permanently, they work by waiting until the thing or person shows up then deleting that particular instance.  That means the same thing might show up again and be zapped again - until you remove the zapper.

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    No Buskers.  Gets rid of the saxophonist by detecting his presence and vaporising him (doesn't prevent reappearance later).   Also one of the pianists.   It's a long time since I made this (it used to be on LIU), so let me know if it hasn't caught all the musicians that are a nuisance.
    No Tradesmen.  Dematerialises postwoman, papergirl, and mystery man (MM parcel deliverer) before they get a chance to deliver their payload.

16th April 2004 fixed to actually get rid of bills instead of leaving them invisibly mounting up! :D

3rd July 2004 fixed because it was failing for people who didn't have either Superstar or Makin' Magic.

    No Scavengers.  Gets rid of roaches, flies (not plate flies), skunk, raccoon, Claire the bear, rabbits, and gophers.  They'll still appear briefly and you'll get a message for the skunk but then they're dematerialised.
    No Kids.  Gets rid of children who do not live on current lot.  Children are vaporised but not killed permanently.  If you want to get rid of resident children too, use the Bye-for-now controller.  Useful for adult parties and if you want an adult-only venue on holiday etc.

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    No Adults.  Gets rid of adults who are not part of current family.  Vaporises but does not kill.  Spares NPCs

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    No Visitors.  Gets rid of any Sim not in current family, except for NPCs.  Vaporises but does not kill.  Useful for family-only holidays.

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    No males.  Affects all male Sims on lot except NPCs and selected Sim (just in case all your Sims were male!)
    No females.  Affects all female Sims on lot except NPCs and selected Sim (just in case all your Sims were female!)



About the no-this-or-that signs

These signs check round the lot at intervals to see if any of the banned objects or Sims are on the lot, and if they are, the sign makes them vanish.  It does not kill or destroy them permanently.  They may reappear on the lot later, and the sign will again find them and vaporise them soon after they have appeared.

The no-adults and no-visitor signs do not vaporise members of the current family.  This is because you will need an adult family member to do various things like calling for a cab to get back home.  Although you can bring them back to life by clicking on their face icons, the sign would quickly get rid of them again before they could call for a cab.  If you do want to get rid of the adults from the current family, then you can use the Bye-for-now controller, which only vaporises a Sim once for each time you use its menu option.  That means that if you bring them back into action they would stay on the lot until you chose to banish them again.

The no-kids sign spares children who actually live on that lot.  This is for the sake of reality, as even in an adult party, the family children would be at home, probably in bed.   But the sign should get rid of family children who have been taken along to a location away from home, so you can have adult-only holidays and community shopping trips.  Again, the Bye-for-now controller can be used on a once-off basis to get rid of family children before the party starts if you want to pretend they have gone to Grandma's house for the night.