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Various things that don't fit anywhere else, possibly the result of requests (-:

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    British-style fitted bedroom furniture with space-saving features.
    Inter-sim payment system.
    Buyable baby.  Upbringing and influence of caregivers affects personality and interests of child.  Choose when to pupate child and its skin tone and sex.  No social worker - be as kind or as mean as you like.  Sims will normally care for baby without being told.  No limit on number in family but take careful notice of warning that will pop up when you already have 8 Sims in family.
    Not hacked.  Just a chair to go with the original really cheap and nasty sofas.
    Not hacked.  Just a chair to go with the original white leather loveseat.
    Not hacked.  Just a chair to go with the original blue sofas.
    Reservable napping.  I don't know how useful this is going to be generally; it was made on request for someone who wanted to have a neighbour staying with their family.  But you can't force them to use it, so your family gets $20 per night that it is reserved even if it doesn't get used.  All Sims can sit on it but only named Sim can nap on it.
    Invisible counter.  Place it anywhere, including on an already occupied tile, to provide an instant counter top to prepare food on etc.  Be sure to drag the right way round when placing.
    Salt and Pepper shakers.  Actually really the silver expensive fridge hacked to go on the same tile as a normal counter (or any other object) and look like a pair of condiment shakers.  You can pretend the counter conceals an integrated appliance.  Make sure you pull this the right way round, so shakers are sitting at the back of the counter, or the Sim won't be able to "open" the fridge!
    One bathmat can mop up spills all over the whole house!  Only works with the Maxis original blue flood.  Base made with Rug-o-matic

Mhari has some recolours of this at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shinysimthings/

11/7/04 Revised to remove "Describe" menu option as Sims kept reading the rug.

    Same as the blue one, but in pink!

11/7/04 Revised to remove "Describe" menu option as Sims kept reading the rug.

    Not the right star sign for the handsome Sim guy you want to chat up?  So change to suit him.  No associated change in personality takes place.  Please note, the new star sign does not show in the control panel until you select another sim and go back again.
    Non-hacked object.  A set of 4 "rugs" which you can arrange to make a traditional chequered floor complete with border tiles.  Just rotate the rugs to get the pattern going round corners properly.  Not suitable for diagonal walls.
    Interconnecting fire-alarm system.  Works same as real life.  Each alarm can detect fire in its own room, and relays the message back to the controller, which also acts as the assembly point for evacuees, and calls the fire service if needed. All the alarms go off at the same time, and wake everyone in the rooms they're in.  Test/drill mode available on controller's menu.  Read included text file for full details.

4th July 2004 updated to realise that pets don't make good fire wardens.

    Doors to go with the interconnecting fire-alarm system.  They are locked at all times unless the master fire alarm has detected a fire or a fire drill is in progress.
    Visitors are now eager to join host in a cup of tea, just like in real life.  Also more realistic, poured cups get cold after a while!  Probably needs Makin' Magic because of the new animations.
    Decorative-only cash register.  Categorised for any location, any EP.
    Bell summons Butler, Maid or Gardener to where the bell is located, IF they are on the lot already.  It's a help when you've got a large house and you can't find them when you want to interact with them.
    Exercise machine.  Player can choose from menu how the Sims should dress while using it.  They change back into what they were wearing afterwards.
    Irresistible to guests as soon as they have been greeted.  Use for a fun pool party, or take away the ladders and make a huge graveyard out of those annoying visitors.
    Car portal manager, for use if your car pool or school bus have stopped coming.  Resets or recreates car portal using the carportal.iff file you already have.  Does not replace the original.

Instructions and some technical explanation are included in the zip.  Please read!


The original expensive "Flush Force" toilet hacked to require no privacy and to not clog.  Do what you want with it, no credits required.  To use no-privacy hack on other styles of toilets you're making, simply copy the BHAVs named "number one" and "number two".


The original Maxis bathtub hacked to require no privacy and to not make puddles.