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Things that help the Sims to change outfits, including items that act as normal dressers

Click on pictures to download:

    Change everyone's outfit type without them having to go through the motions (excludes NPCs and pets).  Should work with all EPs but some options won't be available without certain EPs.

5th June 2004 small bugfix - wasn't excluding animals properly

    Same as the yellow violet above, but this one keeps changing Sims into the chosen outfit until you select "Stop effect" from its menu.
    Same as the blue violet above, but this one only affects Sims in the same room

Single tile functioning dresser.  Cloned from the outside graphics of a fridge, with the inside graphics of a buyable clothes rack, with the functions of a dresser!  May be freely cloned and distributed.

    Single tile functioning dresser.
    Single-tile functioning dresser.
    Screen that doubles as a dresser!
    Screen that doubles as a dresser!