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Enforceable Objects

These objects offer a menu of Sims who happen to be on the lot at the time, including visitors and NPCs.   You choose one (via your currently active Sim) and that Sim will be forced to start using the object.  If for any reason they get interrupted before they obey the command, it doesn't auto-repeat so you'll have to ask them to do it again.

Once a Sim is using the object, its menu changes to offer "Stop using" or similar.  You can stop the Sim using it either by deleting the action from the Sim's queue if you can select him, or via another Sim using the menu.  If for any reason your Sims cannot be released from the objects, the normal "move_objects on" cheat can be used to delete the object or the sim.

While using, a Sim's hunger, bladder and energy are not allowed to sink completely to -100 so that once released they will have time to get to the toilet, bed, or fridge before collapsing.

This whole range is free to clone

Click on pictures to download:

    A director's chair in contemporary blue.
    A director's chair in green.
    A director's chair in yellow.
    A director's chair in red.
    Speech square. A place to stand your Sims to make them speak.  Put it behind a desk or microphone, or in the middle of a floor and choose any Sim on your lot to make the speech.  Barely visible on most floors, flickers a bit when you hover over it so you can see it more easily.
    Posing square. The Sim using this little mark on the floor will launch into a looping series of silly photographic poses!  Requires SuperStar
    Standing square.  Sim just stands and does nothing until released.