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Visitor Control

Objects to teleport neighbours to your lot, to keep them there, and to control their behaviour while they are visiting (further objects planned).  Also visitor status changers.

If you clone any of these objects and share the results with other players, be kind to them and pass on any relevant warnings!

Click on pictures:

Visitor controller - Now ANY Sim can have that diamond over his or her head!!  Yes, visitors, NPCs, strays, residents...   Object gives menu of all Sims on lot, and you pick the name of the Sim you want to control.  Note: visitors may not be able to use all objects unless objects are visitor-enabled or you use Visitor Empowerer below.  NPCs' range of possible actions vary, and animals are not usefully controllable even when resident.  Readme.txt file included in download.  Requires Makin' Magic and it is not possible to make one of these that doesn't need MM to save you asking :)


    Find out about the needs of any Sim on any lot.  Choose a name from the menu, and get a dialog box with all their motive scores listed.  NPCs, strays, your date downtown - anyone!
Visitor enabler/empowerer.  When turned on from its menu, it gives all visiting neighbours the same powers as residents:- cook from fridges, stay the night, use showers etc.  Turn off from menu and visitors instantly revert to helplessness.  Amusing to use downtown or on vacation!  No risky global patches involved.  Please read included text file.  Now works with no Expansions.
Bye-for-now.  Your visitors won't want to go home if you're using an empowerer like above.  If you're sick of one or more of them and don't want to turn the empowerment off for all of them, use this.  It's quicker than seeking them out and waiting for your hostess to go and wave to them.

"Everyone" on the menu does not include residents, but residents may be removed individually if you choose their name.  Bring back a zapped resident by clicking on his icon at the bottom of the screen.  Requires Deluxe/LL or above.

    Rent-a-crowd tree.  Using menu, brings in up to 10 visitors at a time: adult, child, mixed or stars.  You use the option as many times as you want until you have the number you need or your computer can cope with.  Does not alter the status of the visitors; you would need to use in conjunction with one of my other objects like the Visitor Empowerer if you want to give them temporary resident status.

Also has option to vaporise all the visitors at once when you've had enough.  Categorised for Buy mode.

    Teleplant.  Just for a change from smoke alarms clones!  This plant is buyable from your catalogue, and can be placed on any tile.  But more importantly it can summon any Sim including NPCs to your lot at pre-set daily times, wearing your choice of clothing type.  Should work with any EP.  Read more...
    No-frills teleporter.  Teleport in anything that moves, no matter if it's already on the lot!  Want a whole team of Bridgets cleaning up after you?   A twin for your little girl to play with?  Enough Drews to go round the whole party?  Then download this.

24th April 2004 updated to ask if you want the Sim to bring the whole family.  Just saves a bit of time if you do.


Move-in fern.  More family management than visitor control, but roughly in this area: This plant allows you to move Sims (including animals if you have Unleashed) into a family home as permanent household members.  Read more...

8th April 2004 updated to remove move-out features as they are now in the move-out fern


Do not evict families larger than 8 or your Create-a-Sim screen will crash every time you go into it.

    Move-out fern.  Allows player to choose which family to move a Sim out to.  Read more...

13th April 2004 updated to add option to delete Sim altogether "leave game"


Do not evict families larger than 8 or your Create-a-Sim screen will crash every time you go into it.

    The ultimate in visitor control - as in "pest control" lol!   Kills all "human" visitors stone dead before they've come more than a few steps onto the lot.  Read the readme file.





The Moveplants

Using any selectable Sim, click on the fern and choose a name to move in (or to move in with) from those offered to you. If SuperStar is your latest expansion pack, the names will be all separate, otherwise they will be grouped by family submenus. Only a certain number of Sims can be shown on one pie menu; press Tab to cycle through the others. I have found move-in doesn't work reliably on a Sim who is already on the lot as a visitor, so do it when he's not there. After selecting the Sim, it will be scheduled for him to appear in a little while.  NB the moving out menu forces you to choose an individual Sim, because that's just how menus work, but of course you will be moving in with the whole family.

The fern allows you to add more than 8 people to the family, but I don't know what the absolute upper limit is - if you reach it let me know! In order to control the extra family members whose icons don't show at the bottom of your screen, either press Space until the green diamond appears over him, or right-click directly on the Sim in the live screen. Once you have selected him, the details about his job and mood will be the ones showing at the bottom of the screen.

Don't evict families of more than 8 into the Create-a-Family screen or your game will crash.  And sometimes it might crash going into a lot with too many residents.  Don't panic if it crashes - simply reload and go into one of your lots with less than 8 characters and move in the extra people into that house.  When you've done that, the Create-a-Family screen or other lot won't crash any more.

Animals cannot be directed to use the menu, and cannot be sent away to become strays while the family are still in the house; but if all the humans have moved out leaving only animals, the pets are already programmed by Maxis to leave and become strays. If you wish to get rid of pets without moving the humans out, I suggest you set up one of the lots as an animal sanctuary with a human taking care of it, and when you want to get rid of an animal from your family, change to the sanctuary lot and get the kennel manager to move the unwanted pet in with her. Don't let the carer move out or die, or what a lot of strays you'll have all over your neighbourhood!

If you have disinhabited a house completely using Move Out, it will become available to move in a new family from the Create-a-family screen. All the furniture will remain. However, if you want to choose people who are not yet a family, or who don't appear on the CAF screen, then you will have to bring them in before the last human sim leaves. The new people will then have the name of the people they are replacing, but you can change this using a utility such as SimEnhancer.



The Teleplant

This object is great fun to play with, even though I say so myself. I thought you might be sick of things that look like smoke alarms cluttering up your walls, so this is something you can tuck away in the corner of your lot and make it look attractive at the same time.

The teleplant's purpose is to bring one individual Sim - neighbour, townie, NPC, animal - to your lot at a chosen time and try to keep them there until you choose for them to be free to leave. You assign the shrub to the chosen Sim, and choose what style of clothing they should wear. You can set an arrive and free-to-leave time which will occur daily, or you can manually teleport the Sim in. Free-to-leave means the teleplant stops actively trying to keep them on the lot. It does not force the Sim to leave, because doing so would cause a reset and all the plant's settings to be lost. If the summoned Sim leaves the lot before the chosen time, he or she will be rematerialised onto the lot.

NPCs have their own agenda, some will leave as soon as they are summoned, others will do their job then leave, and others will hang about until you delete them using the "move_objects on" cheat (press ctrl+shift+C and type "move_objects on", without the quotes, into the grey box that appears on the top left of your screen). For other Sims that you can interact with, just get a resident Sim to say goodbye to them when their time on the lot is over.

This object can complement the Event Control objects, for example if you are playing a workplace scenario where most of the Sims are supposed to be on the lot during working hours, but you want someone like a security guard on duty overnight. You should not allocate an Event Control object to the guard, which will avoid him being controlled by the Event Controller's times.

This could also help with the hospital, in order to keep visiting staff on the site for set shifts.  Or you can just use it to bring over the same neighbour immediately after work every day, when you're working on a relationship with them. It means you needn't delay preparation of the meal in order to phone them and greet them.

You may have any number of teleplants on your lot at one time, all doing their own thing.