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These curtains open in the morning and close at night, and because they are made from real curtains and not lamps, they stay closed all night even when the Sims are asleep.  Or you can turn off auto opening, and choose when you want them open and closed.  The short curtains finish just above counter level.  There are several choices of ways to display the backs.  Read more...


Click on pictures to download:


The white curtains come with a text file explaining how best to use them as a base for recolouring - if you follow my instructions carefully, Transmogrifier won't leave the sheers all messed up.

Read the instruction text online

The white curtains come with a text file explaining how best to use them as a base for recolouring - if you follow my instructions carefully, Transmogrifier won't leave the sheers all messed up.

Read the instruction text online

To help with recolouring, here are my PSP7 files for the white curtains, with separate layers for the main curtains and nets, along with a help text file explaining how to make the short curtains from the long ones, and how to stop Transmogrifier leaving the sheer curtains messed up so you can't see through them any more.



More about Functioning Curtains

These are fully functioning long and matching short curtains that have been tested with Makin Magic and also with Deluxe only installed.

There are lots of curtains around that open and close, but these are different in many ways.

Many other working curtains are made originally from wall lights, and light up when they close. Some even snap open and shut several times a night when a Sim wanders around the house, just like the lights would go on and off. These don't, they close at dusk, and stay closed until dawn. They are cloned directly from the Maxis originals, not a lamp, which means the Z buffers are quite good, so they don't bleed through things in front of and behind them.

I have also fixed the alpha sprite problem, so that you can see the Sims moving about through the net (sheer) curtains in all zooms, and the window frames don't flicker.

These are configurable. That means you can turn on or off the automatic feature that opens them at dawn and closes them at dusk. So you can have them open all the time if you prefer, closed all the time, or open and close them manually.

You can choose whether to have them up solid all the time, go down with the walls in cutaway mode, see-through backs or completely backless. And you can set each curtain individually or update all curtains of the same object ID to be the same.  And all this is done via the curtain's menu during gameplay.

These curtains may be freely cloned for recolouring, but if  you hack the code or change the a or z sprites at all, I would appreciate it if you either made that clear to anyone who might download your version, or else leave my name off them altogether so people won't be confused if they're no longer working the same as the ones I made.



Recolouring the Curtains

Some advice on how to clone and recolour my curtains without messing up the alpha and z-buffers

  1. Clone a pair of my long curtains in Tmog
  2. Change the description to say their yours not mine
  3. "Export", selecting recolour only, largest zoom only.
  4. Using my .psp files if you wish, create new p sprites for open NE and NW, and closed NE and NW. You needn't do the others that happen to have been output by Tmog.
  5. Write your new graphics over the .p files you exported.
  6. Import the graphics again in Tmog.
  7. Delete all the files Tmog made, apart from the .iff.

Then, because Transmogrifier will have totally ruined your alpha sprites and you probably won't be able to see through the net curtains any more...

  1. Using Tmog, Export the graphics again, this time selecting all sprites and all zooms - otherwise known as "Best quality".
  2. Using my *original* long curtains, not cloned, export all zooms and all sprites of those too.
  3. Copy all the .z and .a files from my original curtains to overwrite the .z and .a files of the ones you cloned.
  4. Import the graphics for your new curtains again in Tmog. Discard the .xml and the sprite folders, leaving only your .iff for your new curtains.

That should be it for your long curtains.

If you want a pair of matching short ones:

  1. Using Tmog, make a clone of your newly recoloured *long* curtains.  This is so that the colour and shape at the top will be exactly the same.
  2. Export all sprites, all zooms of your new clone.
  3. Using one of my original *short* curtains, no need to clone first, export all sprites all zooms of those too.
  4. Overwrite the .a files and the .z files of your new curtains with the .a and .z files of my short curtains.
  5. Import the sprites for your new curtains again. When you view them in Transmogrifier they should have become a short version of the long ones you coloured.

Your finished curtains may be offered for download anywhere.