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California Simmin' Media: California Simmin' follows the lives of a large cast of characters. Sims whose stories were updated most recently are featured in the 'Latest Update' box below.
Latest Update: 4/26/06
Eleanor Heather
Previous Updates:
4/13/06 11/11/05
Serena Alison

These stories have been ongoing for quite some time. Members of my calisims yahoo group & people on the California Simmin' mailing list already know that I am in the process of finishing the storylines of the major characters, and when all stories have an ending, the site will no longer update. I will be keeping the site up for some time, so feel free to get involved with these sometimes long stories, even after I stop updating they will be here to read, lol. I have organized this index page so readers can tell which Sims have stories that are still in progress & which stories are completed. I've also created a section for some of the 'minor' characters who don't really have 'finished' stories, but they won't be updated, either. These characters were more about having another perspective on the major character's lives & I never developed them into full stories.

Visit The Alphabetical Character Index for quick intros of all Sims who appear in the stories, including the ones who don't have their own story lines.
Eleanor: heiress
Updated: 4/26/06
Justin: not easily pinned down
Updated: 9/29/05
Coby: Surfer
Updated: 9/08/05
Xtina: art school drop out
Updated: 8/25/05
Rebecca: Not planning to stay
Updated 7/27/05
Alison: production assistant to director Byron Palisades
Updated: 8/11/05
Byron: Film director
Updated: 5/26/05
Serena: psychic
Updated: 4/13/06
Heather: grows & sells
Updated: 4/26/06
Ulises: LAPD officer
Updated: 3/12/04
Characters with stories that are completely finished. As the stories become complete I will move them to this section
Nicolas: guitarist
Completed: 6/24/05
Jackie: rock star
Completed: 6/24/05
Shay: Aspiring fashion designer
Completed: 1/28/05
Characters without complete stories: they sometimes give more perspective on the major characters. These won't be updated
Mercedes: wealthy socialite
Last Update: 11/19/04
Luz: Peace activist
Last Update: 1/23/04
Moira: au pair, wants to be a chef
Last Update: 6/11/04
PJ: UCLA Cheerleader
Last Update: 5/7/04
Hayley: Phys. ed major, UCLA
Updated: 7/16/04
Zach: Genius
Last Update: 4/29/05
Adam: actor/model
Updated: 6/4/04
Steve: plastic surgeon
Updated: 4/9/04
Gavin: artist/actor
Updated: 5/26/05
Astrid: Actress, drama queen
Updated: 1/28/05
Kelly: thinking about working with animals
Updated: 4/2/04
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