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Residence: Topanga Canyon

Heather: Heather was a single mom who supported her daughter & pets selling the crops from her garden, not all of which are legal. She's a free-spirit who doesn't want to be tied down.
Heather's Relationships: Heather was a young mother, her daughter is Amber & Amber's father is Ty, a drummer. Heather's step-brother is Coby: her mother married his father after Heather's own father, an international aid worker, was 'disappeared' in Colombia. Heather's soulmate & now husband is Ulises, an LAPD police officer. Heather is good friends with Luz.
Amber Bud Ember Skye
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1: Heather's perfect day
2: Unexpected meetings
3: A Vacation Romance
4: BBQ at Coby's new apt.
5: First date with Ulises
6: Stood up!
7: Frankie to the rescue, sort of.
8: Second chance
9: Fine dining in Beverly Hills
10: Market Day
11: At last, a fix for the car
12: Hangin' in Hollywood
13: Rage Cage
14: Venice
15: Venice, 2
16: Doubt & Suspicion
17: Thanksgiving
18: Secrets
19: Santa Barbara
20: Santa Barbara,2
21: Santa Barbara,3
22: Santa Barbara,4
23: Zach
24: 'Business'
25: Busted
26: Busted
27: A new kind of life
28: Lunch with Zach
29: Christmas with Ulises
30: Dinner & a movie
31: The question
32: Wedding preparations
33: The Wedding
34: Honeymoon
35: Honeymoon, 2
36: Honeymoon, 3
37: Rebecca Returns NEW
38: A Man in Uniform NEW

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