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You've read all the stories & you've seen all the lots...but you still want more? Welcome to the Extra section! Here you will find California Simmin's Links section, Outtakes, Contact Information and Calisims Award page.

An Outtake from one of Coby's nightmares.

Visit the Outtakes section for more funny pictures & deleted scenes not used in the stories
Find out about the patches & hacks I use to make all this happen, with links to the sites they come from
Visit the Links section for links to the great Sim websites that California Simmin' relies on for skins, objects, walls, & floors & Finds!
The Calisims award is a recognition I give to people in the Sims community who have done something special for California Simmin', and/or for the Sims Community at large. Visit the Award page to read the list of recipients & gets links to the sites where you can grab whatever impressed me that much. (award graphic by Evil Ed)
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Meet the Characters & Read the Stories. Stories are for Mature readers, and may contain content not suitable to children under 16 or more sensitive readers. Tour Sim L.A.: visit the lot screenshot galleries, get links to objects sites. (Lots available for download at calisims yahoo group) All the Misc. stuff: Out-takes section, Links, Calisims award, Contact info