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Welcome to the California Simmin' Real Estate page. Tour the lots used in the story screenshots & get links to sites where you can get the objects shown. This page features the Residential Lots (Houses, Apartments, Condos).

Please click here to view the Commercial Lots Gallery, for the DT, OT, Vac & Studio Town Lots.

Unfurnished and a few partially or completely furnished versions of most of my story lots are available on my Calisims Yahoo group. or Deviant Sim: download locations are listed beneath the house thumbnail. Apartments furnished with hacked Sim Logical Apartment system items (and recolors from other sites) available at my Sim Apartments group.

*NOTE* Many of the links in the Lot Screenshots section are now dead, as many of the sites whose objects I've used are closed.

Residential Lots: Click picture or name to view that building's screenshot page. Go HERE: Commercial Lots Gallery to see DT, OT etc lots.
Venice Beach Apartments: Lot 51. Two 2 bedroom units (Coby & Tanner, PJ & Hayley) and one single apartment (Kyle)

A version of this lot is available at Sim Apartments yahoo group: all objects in shopping list are apartment control hacks.

Brentwood Duplex: Lot 57. Townhouse style Duplex featuring 2 one bedroom units with shared balcony. (Adam & Steve, Martin & Jade)

A version of this lot is available at Sim Apartments yahoo group: all objects in shopping list are apartment control hacks.

Wilshire New Age Center: Lot 56. One bedroom house with parlor set up for tarot readings & crystal ball consultations, home of Serena, the psychic. Interesting landscaped yard.

La Leyenda Apartments: Lot 77 Four Bachelor units, with shared kitchen, lounge & spa/gym. BBQ on patio. No Pets allowed. Xtina, Rainier, Esme & Rebecca are the current residents. Coby lived here before moving to Venice, and Nicolas before moving in with Jackie.

Unfurnished lot (spa only is furnished) at calisims yahoo group.

Echo Park: Lot 1. 4 bedroom Main house & 1 bedroom guest cottage. Rooms in the main house are rented individually, guest house is shared between 2 residents. Main House: Gavin, Justin, Diego & Zach. Guest House: Eleanor & Kira Malibu Beach: Lot 8. 2 bedroom house with private beach, recording studio, parlors on both floors & spa bath. (Jackie & Nico)

Pacific Palisades: Lot 54 Mansion with large kitchen & dining room, parlor & office. 2nd floor features spa & gym, bedroom & studio. (Byron)

Fountain View Apts: Lot 63. California style orange stucco apartment building with three one bedroom units of varying sizes. Second floor features one extra large unit. Pets allowed. (Kelly & Alison with cat Tiger, Astrid & Leah, Quentin are the current residents. Tanner lived in Apt 1 before moving to Venice with Coby.)

A version of this lot is available at Sim Apartments yahoo group: all objects in shopping list are aptment control hacks.

Culver City Apts.: Lot 59 1 Two bedroom, 1 one bedroom and 1 one bedroom loft. Pool weight room & laundry. (Nina & Jake, Luz & Dione, Ruben) Hollywood Hills: Lot 3. Formerly the home & studio of celebrity photographer Gregg Hills, this home has been purchased by pop Diva Estelle. Housekeeper Gayle lives in that shed there in back. (photo studio moving to new location)

Arthag Estate (Beverly Hills) Lot 2: 3 bedroom mansion has extra-large rooms: Master bed with double bath & hottub room, child's bedroom built for a princess, parlor, dining room, kitchen & servant's room. Lot also features art gallery & office.(Mercedes, Bill & Portia Arthag, au pair Moira)

Lot (mostly unfurnished, but landscaped) available at calisims yahoo group.

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