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Sims 2 Sleeping

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    SHELF BEDS (go to page)

Single and double bunks that exactly fill a three-tile alcove and stack up to three above each other.


ijNoReadToSleepVase.zip (contains behaviour overrides)

On some lots, you get errors or jumps when Sims try to read their kids to sleep.  After much experimenting, the consensus was that this was an inbuilt game glitch.   If you have a lot where that seems to be happening, put this vase of flowers somewhere on the lot and sims will no longer attempt to read to kids on that lot.  File contains an object, and some global overrides.




This little hack, which is compatible with TJ's Smart Beds, lets your Simmies get into a double bed where one side is against a wall, or the head of it is wedged into a bay window etc etc.   The animations might look a bit weird in some cases, but at least you can arrange your rooms the way you want.  After all, humans can climb over stuff to get into bed if necessary, and Simmies can zoom through the air in a strangely contorted pose!
ijUseInaccessibleBeds.zip (contains behaviour overrides)

Updated 9th Jan 2009 to include abortable bedmaking, because this hack clashes with Pescado's abortable bedmaking

The second file is part of TwoJeffs' ACR, edited so that Sims can get into inaccessible beds for casual woohoo etc too.  He gave me permission to share this here until he gets time to incorporate it fully into his own download.  Remove TJ's "ACR - Controller - Bed Socials.package" and replace it with this. 


This is only for ACR version 1.x NOT FOR VERSION 2!!!

ijACR - Controller - Bed Socials.zip (contains behaviour overrides)


ijDressMakeBed.zip   (contains behaviour overrides)

Sims will make bed and/or get dressed when they get up, depending on personality.  Other people have made this, but this version is specially created not to clash with UseInaccessibleBeds


This patch allows Sims to sleep in longer in the mornings.  As long as they don't have any other needs bothering them, they will stay in bed until 7am-10am depending how lazy they are.  They will wake to an alarm clock or the player's command, of course.

This is compatible with my reservable beds but cannot be used with Elders Sleep through night patch

      BedSleepLate.zip (contains behaviour overrides)
      BedSleepLateOFB.zip   (contains behaviour overrides)

Elders stay asleep until 6am just like other adults.  You have to choose between this and the Sleep Later patch, you cannot have them both installed at the same time.

This is compatible with my reservable beds but cannot be used with Sleep Later patch

      ElderSleepNight.zip   (contains behaviour overrides)
      ElderSleepNightOFB.zip   (contains behaviour overrides) Remove old patch first.
    CHILDREN (Go to page)

There are objects and patches relating to child, toddler and baby sleep on the Childcare page



More flexibility than your average alarm clock.  This one can have the time set freely, to the nearest hour; and also which days it should operate on.  It can be set to wake a named Sim, regardless of whether the alarm is in the same room.  Or it can wake everyone in the room, or everyone on the lot.

There is an on/off switch so you can have it not operating for several days without having to redo your settings

SINGLE DIVAN - New mesh (not hacked)

Like the cheap British beds we give lodgers.  Can't remember the exact poly count but it's pretty low compared with a typical Maxis bed.

ijSingleDivan.zip (no globals)

May be used in any game but will not recognise interactions from later EPs (eg pets sleeping)



These beds have a menu for selecting which Sim to reserve it for, and for unassigning it when you want to, as well.  The Sim must be on the lot at the time of reservation, but will retain ownership when they leave the lot.  The reservation counts for sleeping and relaxing, but I have left it that any Sim can jump on the bed or make it.

Each side of a double bed has a separate owner but occasionally they may sleep on each others' sides).  A Sim other than one of the named owners may still be invited to "join" in a relax.

May be used in any game but will not recognise interactions from later EPs (eg pets sleeping)



This patch allows any bed in your game to be reserved for a particular Sim.  A bed is reserved for a Sim when the player instructs him to sleep in it.  Beds are not reserved by Sims choosing to sleep autonomously.   Once a bed is reserved, you can either allocate it to a different owner by telling the new owner to sleep in it, or you can unassign the bed totally by leaving it outdoors in an area not enclosed by a fence, for about 4 Sim hours.   These new options will not appear on the bed's menu at any time.

On occasion, the Sim who owns one side of a double bed might get into their partner's side by mistake if they are very tired or if their side is blocked.  I have made it so if that happens, their co-sharer may sleep in the empty side that is left.   However, do not send him to sleep in the wrong side or he will end up owning both sides of the bed.

After installing this patch, beds that were already in play may be "pre-assigned" to some spurious value, which means you will have to assign them to their owner or unassign them as above before they can be used.   After deleting the patch, all beds should simply revert to normal behaviour.

This patch may be used at the same time as any simlogical reservable bed, and the No Kids in Double Beds patch.


NoNapping.zip  (contains behaviour overrides)

Should stop *all* napping - on sofas, chairs, and recliners.

I am not updating this for future EPs because TwoJeff's no autonomous napping patch is more useful.