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Sims 2 ChildCare


A range of objects and behaviour mods to make child rearing easier for your Simmie parents.

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    NANNY DETECTION - go to page... 

A set of patches that will make your Sims understand that when they have a nanny they do not need to wear themselves out looking after the babies and toddlers themselves.


Go to this page if FreeTime is your highest EP

Go to this page if you have Apartment Life or later

Sorry, nothing suitable for earlier games

    CRIB FIX (for "musical cribs")

ijAlreadyInCribFix.zip   (contains replacement globals plus some new globals)

This is for the problem of parents and nannies getting babies and toddlers out of one crib only to place them in another.  The test "is baby already in a crib" was failing when met with custom or new EAxis cribs.

4 Jan 2008 updated to include 3rd type of crib and its clones.


CribSleepNight.zip (contains replacement globals)

This is a patch for the crib.  Daytime naps are not affected, but once a toddler is asleep in his crib after 8pm, he should stay asleep until 6am unless he is extremely hungry.   I wasn't quite sure whether this also worked on babies, because you cannot tell how hungry they are in any case.  I felt it was safer to allow waking for hunger, for the sake of people who are not using the social worker hack.

This is compatible with the reservable crib and the sleep later/through night patches

    No Social Worker patch

NoWelfare.zip   (contains replacement globals)

Stops social worker taking neglected kids.   Adoption is not affected by this patch.  Children already born may still be taken away if they are hungry or lonely.  And to stop the social worker coming for low grades and children left alone, you will need to move the family into a new lot (or out of and back in the old one)

    HOMEWORK - go to page

Page of hacks to do with homework

    SCHOOL TYPES - go to page...

Page of new schools and an object to let your child change schools instantly.


    No-empty toddlers' potty

NoEmptyPot.zip   (contains replacement globals)

Using this patch makes the original (red + recolours) potty self-emptying.  Potties already on the lot may not pick up the change, so buy new ones.


Stops teenagers running away.

NoTeenRunaway.zip   (contains replacement globals)


BottomlessBottle.zip   (no globals)

This is buyable baby's feeding bottle that is to be found under Childcare|All.  Not only does it stay full at all times, but it also checks for and deletes any normal bottles that have been allowed to lie around and get spoilt.


The smaller object (which is meant to be a CD Rom in case you couldn't recognise it from the picture) is the transmitter, and you place that in the nursery, or any room that you'd like your Sims to be able to detect sound from.   It's best to hide it under some furniture as it can't be walked over in all circumstances.  The larger object goes on the wall of the room where you want the Sims to be alerted, e.g. the parents' bedroom.   It has an on and off setting in case they want a lie in some mornings while another Sim has their receiver on instead. You can use as many transmitters and receivers as you like, and in this version they all share the same "channel".

This also contains a small global hack, to the BHAV "Wake - everyone in room", which theoretically could clash with another person's hack that includes that BHAV.   A clash could be a nuisance and stop one of the hacks working, but should not destroy any data.

      Intercom.zip (contains a replacement global)
      IntercomNL.zip (contains a replacement global)
      IntercomPets.zip   (contains a replacement global)

ReservableCribV2.zip   (no globals)

Works on a similar principle to the reservable beds.  Choose a child from the menu to assign it to.   I have allowed adult names to show up on the menu too, not that they can use the crib of course, but because that turned out to be a very convenient way of "locking out" the crib from use by any baby or toddler, if you have set up a nursery for an expected new arrival for example.

This may be used with, or without, the toddler sleep through night patch

There are now extra options for deciding how the child may leave the crib.  You may choose between toddler gets out by self - even if he cannot walk; or adult carer gets child out; or the child may not leave the crib at all.  Useful for obsessive nannies and parents who need to do some studying.   If you are going to leave babies and toddlers trapped in the crib you should consider using one of the no social worker hacks which are around.   There is one on this site..

Go to page of Recolours of crib with matching curtains


ijCribGetOutAll.zip   (contains replacement globals)

Allows all toddlers to get themselves out of their cribs when they have had enough of being in there.  Unfortunately the user cannot force them to do it before they are ready.  Will not affect the Reservable Cribs which use their own settings for deciding whether toddlers get out.


No more adoption refusals due to lack of funds.  If upgrading, remove previous version first.

      AdoptInPoverty.zip (contains replacement globals)
      AdoptInPovertyOFB.zip (contains replacement globals)
      ijAdoptInPovertySeasons.zip (contains replacement globals)
      ijAdoptInPovertyFT.zip    (contains replacement globals)
    No Autonomy Read To

Stops adults deciding to read to children autonomously.  But allows a child to ask to be read to.

NoAutonomyReadTo.zip   (contains replacement globals)


DoubleNoKids.zip (contains replacement globals)

This affects all double beds in the game and prevents younger children from sleeping in them.  It can sit alongside the Bed Reserving patch above, and my reservable beds, although of course the children will not be able to sleep in a double bed even if it is assigned to them.


ijWetBed.zip (contains replacement globals)

Affects any child if their aspiration level is low OR if they were not potty trained. Affects teenagers of both sexes if their aspiration level is low, and if they already used to wet their bed as a child.  Player can avoid bed wetting in vulnerable children by waking the Sim before their bladder is 3-quarters full.  Trigger point is -50

This release includes a custom memory "Wet the Bed" so that teens won't start to wet the bed just because they couldn't get to the toilet once when they were awake.  You must keep both files together and not delete the memory without the hack that uses it.

There are various different versions of this now elsewhere so I probably won't be bothering with this any more.


LessAutonomyBabyCare.zip (contains replacement globals)

Note: JM Pescado has a babycare hack at MATY which is better updated and supported than this.

Warning: some players have found this patch stops sims being able to feed their babies or toddlers at all.  If this happens to you, try taking out this patch first!

This patch reduces the Sims' obsession with their babies and toddlers. It will override parts of the code of Maxis original bathtubs, fridges, cribs and sinks. Some cloned versions of these objects, including my reservable cribs, may ignore this patch.  I am aware that Pescado has a similar patch (which you should not try to use at the same time), but I wanted to make an alternative that works my way.  This hack offers the following:

Bathing toddlers
Nanny can bathe autonomously if child has hygeine less than half way
Others cannot do so unless you instruct them or unless they are already holding toddler or toddler asks for a bath

Bathing babies
Nanny can bathe autonomously if child has hygeine less than half way
Others cannot do so unless you instruct them or unless they are already holding baby

Feeding toddlers
Nanny can feed autonomously any toddler with hunger below +20
Others can feed autonomously any toddler with hunger below -20, or if the toddler asks.

Feeding babies
Nanny can feed autonomously any baby with hunger below +20
Others can feed autonomously any baby with hunger below -20, or from a bottle already left out of the fridge.

Putting babies and toddlers to bed
Nanny may do so autonomously
Others may not usually do so unless instructed - but there may be exceptions depending on context.

To make life easier, I have also made it so babies and toddlers won't pass out on the floor - which means you can still feed them and pick them up to put them into bed however tired they may be.