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Sims 2 Miscellaneous Hacked Objects and Patches


Click on file links to download:


SharedIsChairABoothGlobal (contains game override)

This patch is needed in order for the game to recognise cloned dining booths as dining booths.  Booth cloners need to avoid changing the Proxy GUID value in the OBJD if they want this to work.  (You can and should change the normal GUID, of course)

SharedIsSofaASectionalGlobal (contains game override)

Similar patch for sectional sofas.  Updated 1st Sept 2008 to make compatible with AL.


A new flexible way of controlling autonomy for certain interactions


ijShipwreckPricePatch.zip  (contains game override)

An override to the Pirate Ship price - who wants to pay more than 1 for a load of old driftwood?


ijCommunityTelescopesPatch.zip (contains game override) requires whatever EP each telescope came with

For some reason the two Maxis telescopes could not be placed on Community lots.  This patch fixes that.

    No Disease Patch

NoDisease.zip   (contains game override)

This is a complete replacement for the Disease Controller.  Therefore it will almost certainly interfere with the action of any other download you have that affects illness or immunity.  I don't expect that such a clash would result in serious loss of game data, but it's always best to be cautious and back up your favourite neighbourhoods when using hacks.

This hack stops most of the processing of illness including food poisoning and pregnancy morning sickness.  If you have a Sim already sick when you install the patch, they will stop having symptoms.  For some Sims you may get a message pop up after some time saying they are well again.  Other Sims may remain infected and may continue their illness after you remove the patch.  Please let me know if something unexpected happens.


NoKickTrash.zip   (contains game override)

This takes away the option for annoyed and annoying Sims to kick over trash cans, and therefore no roaches and no flu!  You may still occasionally get roaches from other types of garbage, but this was the most frequent reason in most people's games.


ijNoDripSinksPatch.zip   (contains game override)

Stops broken sinks making that constant dripping noise - which they seemed to go on doing even after being fixed.  May not fix a dripping noise which has already started but should prevent it starting.


StayThingsShrub.zip (no globals)

Has a menu so you can choose if your buy mode objects stay when the family moves out, or get sold.

Using the option sets the objects that are already there at the time.  If you buy new objects you'll have to use the shrub again to set them. So for example if you like your fitted kitchen, bathroom and ceiling lights to stay when a family moves out but their personal furniture to go, then put in the kitchen and bathroom and lights first, use the shrub to fix them, then put in the other stuff after.

Note:  For pre-Nightlife games Maxis fridges had a problem with this shrub.  Either flag other objects before buying your fridges, or else download the patch below which changes the bit of Maxis code that isn't happy.  The patch goes in Downloads too.

StayThingsShrubGlobfix.zip (contains replacement global)


ijGrownUpsGrowUp.zip (contains game override)

Do not try to keep this in when installing the next EP

This file comprises the whole of the personglobals menu with adults and elders disabled from things like water balloons and pillow fights and handheld game consoles etc.  All the things mature adults don't do so much in real life.  They can still do the things if a child or teen initiates it, so they can at least play with their kids.  In real life it is usually the kids that ask to for the play anyway.

Two small disappointments
1) In order to stop adults tickling each other, it had to also become unavailable for an adult to initiate a toddler tickle.
2) Dancing on feet still happens - disabling that would have disabled all dancing together - at least doing it this way.

While I was at it I also disabled the panhandling, cuddling floursack babies, etc etc.  (But not the shrink)

This hack is highly likely to clash with various other people's work.  If you need to know whether it will clash with any other hacks you have, let the creator of the other hack know this one contains the personglobals menu (nothing else) and s/he will then be able to tell you if theirs uses that too.  If it does, you will not be able to use them both together.


ijNoAdultsSwinging.zip (contains game override)

A patch for the swing to stop adults being able to use it.  They can still push the kids.

ijNoAdultsOrVisSwinging.zip (contains game override)

Like the No Adults patch but also stops visiting kids using the swing.


ijNoResMusicCheer.zip (contains game override)

Applies only to Maxis original musical instruments on liveable lots.  Stops sims cheering or jeering as the walk by, and they only watch when instructed by the player.


NoAutonomySmashHouse.zip     (contains game override)


NoAutonomyCompGames.zip   (contains game override)

This should stop most autonomous computer game playing on most computers, depending on exactly how they were cloned.


NoBalloons_patch.zip (contains game override)

I didn't manage to get rid of *all* of them.  They still notice popular or romantic sims, and have desperation balloons, and new possession balloons.  However, the plumbob is gone.  But to get the most complete effect you really need to start with a new family and new lot after installing this patch.

There are three files - the one called "extra" has stuff in it that *might* affect gameplay and make them not earn skills etc.  I don't use this patch myself so you're best off asking people who use it what if any exact effects it has.  The one called PlumbobZapper is actually an object in your catalogue (under Misc/All) - it's a CD-ROM.   If you find the patches are not getting rid of the plumbobs, then place this on the lot, and it checks for plumbobs every few minutes and hides them

Good for storytellers.  NB: This patch will probably infect uploaded lots.

Not needed for Nightlife or later, which has a cheat code for this.


NoCareFlowers_patch.zip (contains game override)

Makes all flowerbeds in the whole game purely decorative, and they don't need watering, or create weeds.  The downside is they stay at the same life stage forever and no butterflies visit.

I am not updating this any longer, as TwoJeffs as made a better patch which allows butterflies to visit


SimlogicalNoCareShrubs_patch.zip   (contains game override)

Makes all shrubs in the game purely decorative.  For some reason I can't fathom, this was ridiculously difficult to achieve compared to the flower patch, and so I ended up pulling nearly the whole of shrubglobals into the patch.  For this reason, although it's compatible with my no-care flowers patch, there is an increased likelihood of it clashing with other people's gardening hacks.

You may have to delete existing shrubs and replant after installing.


DecoMailbox.zip (no overrides)

This is a copy of the mailbox hacked so it does nothing and is just an ornament for the front garden.  If you have more than one home on a lot you could use this to make it look like they each have a mailbox. The mail carrier will only put mail in the real one.


ReservableCheapDesk.zip (no overrides)

Only the assigned owner can put anything on this desk.  

To make it really worthwhile, also download this homework patch (replacement global), which means when a child has a reserved desk, they will always try to put their homework on it.  I have included as little code as possible in the homework patch, in order to minimise the chance of it conflicting with homework hacks that do other things - but let me know if you seem to be getting problems.

NB The homework patch may clash with homework placement hacks by other creators.


ijNoGurning.zip (contains game override)

The file is called no gurning but in fact it doesn't stop all of it.  Meant to reduce some of the stupid exaggerated facial expressions Sims do while talking.

Clashes with "CASnoidleAnimations" by Squinge