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Sims 2 Access Control

Doors and other hacks that control where individual Sims or types of Sims can go.

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For if you want to divide your Sims into groups not normally recognised by the game, such as Lords and Peasants, or Cowboys and Native Americans (actually up to 6 seperate groups).  These keys are recognised by TwoJeffs Visitor Controller.


ijPushedGreetPatchSeasons.zip   (contains game overrides)

I found a line in the code for Sims ringing a doorbell which put the greet action on the queue of a Sim who was in the house.  The line was not joined up so it did not run.  I simply joined it up again.   You can still cancel it out of the resident Sim's queue if you don't want him to answer the door.


ijAddGender4KeyLock_Seasons.zip   (contains game overrides)

ijAddGender4KeyLock_BVv2.zip (contains game overrides) (NB Hotel room doors are a seperate object and will not show the key and gender menu, and there is specific Maxis code to prevent you locking other doors on hotels even though the key menu shows)

ijAddGender4KeyLock_AL.zip  (contains game overrides) (NB Apartment front doors are a seperate object and will not show the key and gender menu)

The patch adds some extra options to a door's locking menu

Update 25th April 2008 - ijAddGender4KeyLock_BVv2 is the update to ijAddGender4KeyLock_BV. 

Enhancements are:

For each key, the first option offered will be a submenu of sims actually on the lot.  Most of the key allocation will be to family members etc so it's easier to find them here than scrolling through to their family first.  Sims currently on the lot will appear in two submenus - the "on the lot" one as well as by their family group.

The menu for key 2 is not built if key 1 is still going spare, nor the menu for key 3 if either key 1 or key 2 are spare and so on.  This will make the menu display more quickly after clicking on the door.

Make sure you delete the old version before installing the new.

4-Key Locking: Choose keyholders from list of sims by family, or from "On the lot..." if the required Sim is present at the time.  Keyholder locked mode comes into play only when the Maxis option "Lock/Me only" is chosen.  The sim that was the active sim when locking the door is allowed through in addition to the stored keyholders, so use a keyholder to lock the door if this is not wanted.  Please note that unlike my standalone 4-key doors, this door will be locked from both sides.  Also, unlike my standalone doors, this is only as reliable as the normal Maxis locking, which as we know sims sometimes ignore and go through anyway.

Gender Locking: allows you to make it into a restroom door by selecting "males only" or "females only".   These options are in addition to the normal options.   So if you choose "females only" and then "lock to family and employees only", the only sims who can use it will be female members of the family and female employees.  To remove the gender restriction, use "either gender" from the menu.  The "unlock" option does not remove the gender restriction.

These extra options will not appear on any of the four Maxis restroom doors.

Note:  This patch must be removed before installing future EPs and you should check back here for an update.

It will work unpredictably with other door or routing hacks such as Pescado's APO or my Security/Apartment System.  It should work fine with most custom doors that are just new meshes and not hacked.


If locked doors (hacked or original) appear to be letting Sims see what is behind them and try to get to things, your routeblocking flag may be becoming unset.  After installing this patch, you may need to unlock and lock the troublesome door/s again, or even buy them again in order to pick up the change.

ijNoSetUnlockedPatch.zip   (contains game overrides)

This seemed to be fixed in the game during Pets and Seasons, and has become a problem again in Bon Voyage. The Bon Voyage version of the patch also sets the flags correctly at a time that a sim goes through the door, to reduce the need to rebuy or relock.

ijNoSetUnlockedPatchBV.zip   (contains game overrides)


Doors that can have 4 Sims each allowed to go through them.

(can be used with all games, but may not recognise animals)

    Targetable doors

Doors that can have specific types of Sims allowed to go through them

(can be used with all games, but will not recognise sim types introduced after Uni)

    Complete Security DOOR system

Page dedicated to this all-in-one security system, which combines most of the principles of the individual doors below

(highest EP Nightlife)


Bathroom0PanelDoor.zip (no overrides)

Place this door with the green arrows pointing into the bathroom.   When a Sim enters the bathroom, the door locks behind them and no one else, not even NPCs, can get in.  When the Sim comes out, the door is left unlocked ready for the next person.  Occasionally, if Sims pass each other on the way in or out, the door will be accidentally left unlocked while one is in there.  If you then get more than one Sim in the bathroom, each time one leaves they will leave the door unlocked behind them, which means another Sim can walk in on the remaining one, and so on and so on, just like in real life.    Any time you want, you can use the door's menu to lock or unlock it if the Sims have messed things up in this way, but it's not necessary, it will sort itself out when the last of the bunch leave.   Needless to say, this door is not effective in two-door bathroom layouts!

The door has the additional bonus of stopping toddlers entering by themselves, to keep them from the toilet, whilst allowing them to leave freely.  This means they can be carried in for their bath, and let themselves out if they are put down in the room afterwards.

Does not work on diagonal

    BathroomDoorNumenorGlass.zip (no overrides)

And here is a bathroom version of Numenor's glass door! (Does not work on diagonal, sorry)  To use this you must have Numenor's mesh from MTS2 (Link should take you to the right thread)



Only allows members of currently selected family to pass.  On residential lot this means the Sims who live on that lot (not family members from other lots).  On community lots, the family who you are controlling have sole use of the door.

Does not work on diagonal


OneWayJustArch.zip  (no overrides)

Place this with the placement arrow pointing the way you want Sims to go.

Does not work on diagonal


StudentDoor0panel.zip (no overrides)

Intended for use in dormitory houses, to stop your invited guests from the home neighbourhood escaping into the inaccessible dorms of game-generated students.  Use one of these doors to close off the corridor to the bedrooms. When locked, allows only Young Adults and NPCs to pass in one direction while allowing anyone back out in the other direction so that they can't get trapped.   Unlock if and when you do wish free access to the bedrooms.   Place with green arrow pointing into designated students-only area.

      Here are some recolour files for the "Justa" door to match the wood of the Myne door.  The recolours also apply to other existing Simlogical "Justa" door clones as well as the Maxis original.
ijJustaDarkPly.zip ijJustaLightPly.zip
      Doors hacked to go with other control systems, such as the prison, can be found on the relevant pages.