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Sims 2 Beach, Weather, Climate


Some patches and objects focussing on the new features introduced by weather and beaches

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Works indoors only - to make it realistic.  Will maintain the temperature of any Sim in the room at around the optimum. Extremely cold or hot Sims will take about an hour to reach a comfortable temperature with one unit in the room.  More units in a room will change your Sims' temperature faster.   There is also a menu option to Warm Up or Cool Off which they do by going and standing under it or nearby, and works twice as fast.  This option is autonomous depending on need, and in my tests all Sims decided by themselves to cool off or warm up before they collapsed.  Object found under Small Electronics for 250

ijAirconCeiling.zip   (no globals)


Now your Sims don't need a beach to sunbathe.  Place these towels on any land and your Sims may sunbathe whenever the weather is suitable.  The towel will hide itself at night, or when the weather is poor, but will always be visible in Buy or Build mode so you can move it.

In two versions:

      ijSunbathingTowelVisible.zip   (no globals)
      Stays visible all the time that it is suitable sunbathing weather.  This means you can click on it and direct the Sim to use it.  Easily recoloured
      ijSunbathingTowelHidden.zip   (no globals)
      Remains invisible until a Sim decides to use it.  This means you cannot click on it, it can only be used autonomously.  Towel generates its own texture at random so cannot have recolours added, although you can edit the textures in the package to your taste.

Each version has its own GUID so you can have both in the game.   Towels can be walked over when not in use.  Slight known glitch is that if you have another action queued up for the sunbathing Sim before the sunbathe has disappeared from their queue, Sim will act briefly as if they cannot walk off the towel, resulting in queued action being dropped.  Does not happen if you wait for the sunbathe to drop off first.


ijPoolLadderPatch_BV.zip     (contains global override)

Makes the Maxis pool ladder autonomous, and advertises especially to Sims who are overheating.   This is a patch that overrides Maxis code.


ijGetInSeaPatch_BV.zip    (contains global override)

Sea swimming was already autonomous, but this makes it advertise especially to overheated Sims.  This is a patch that overrides Maxis code.


ijTemperatureController_BV.zip    (no globals)

Swimming in a pool or the sea already cools Sims down slowly, but they have usually got bored with swimming before it does so.  This little controller object (which will automatically be on all your lots after you put it into Downloads) seeks out swimming Sims and makes them cool down faster.  Does not override any Maxis code.


ijNonBeachPortal.zip     (no globals)

Under double-height windows in your catalogue.  You need to use move_objects cheat to place it.  Arrow should point away from sea.  Will disappear in live mode.

Make a slope the same shape as the ones on a beach lot - the sea bed needs to be 16 clicks (a room-height) down from the beach.  If you click on the picture on the left you can see a larger more detailed image that may help with placement.