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Sims 2 Hacks that affect Relationships


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Any sim who is married, engaged, or going steady will have the "Break up" option on the partner's menu regardless of the state of their relationship.  Neither Sim will move out, so you get the chance to decide what they do about seperating.

ijBreakupAnytime.zip    (contains game override)


Any relationship that was left at over 95 in both short-term and long-term levels last time the sims interacted will maintain itself at that level while the two sims are not together and not speaking on the phone.  Any interaction between them can change that level, up or down, in the normal way.

If a sim hates another sim to the bad side of -95 in both long and short term relationships, that level will be maintained in the same way as the good relationship above.  If you have two sims who hate each other and you were hoping they would get over it in time, have them apologise to each other using my apology hack or meet up and tell a few jokes to get them out of the -95 to -100 zone then the normal decay can begin to happen.

I didn't like the way that if your sims hadn't seen each other for ages the relationship could settle back to 0,0.   I think everyone in real life who has formed an impression of generally liking or disliking a person will not just forget that.   Therefore when short term relationship is between +10 and -10 this hack stops any further move towards 0.  I have left the long term relationship out of this because it could be someone the sim only met briefly and the ltr may not even have been triggered.  However I believe the impression would remain.

How it affects BFFs:  The above three features override the BFF processing.  Sims will make or break BFFs in the way EA intended.  If your sim's relationship does not fall into the zones above, the BFF decay rate will happen as EA intended.  If they are in those zones, then the decaying will be suspended.

All relationships can go up and down as EA intended during any type of interaction between the sims. 

Not compatible with Pescado's "Enemies Accumulate" and there would be no sense in having both anyway.

      ijRelationshipsFT.zip   (contains game override)
      ijRelationshipsBV.zip (contains game override)

This patch is a replacement for the "Appreciate - Apologize" social object - that is a small object the game creates each time a sim apologises to another, and which is removed after the interaction.  These objects are intended to make sure both sims know about each other and make their responses in the right place at the right time rather than just when they get round to it, where they happen to be at the time.

This replacement is reprogrammed so that when you instruct a sim to apologise, if the apology is accepted any "furious" state is wiped out, and their relationship is reset to just above zero, (or higher if they got on well before they became furious).  Gives them a chance for a real fresh start.

Apologize is not autonomous, so if you want your sims to fight it out to the end, just don't tell them to apologize.

ijApologizeForgive.zip (contains game override)

      ijApologizeForgiveAL.zip  (contains game override)
      This is not only updated for Apartment Life but it is also stripped of everything except the BHAVs I edited, to reduce chance of clashes with other hacks.

9th November 2008 fixed bug in AL version.  Just a small typo, but it was stopping the thing working properly.  Please re-download.