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Sims 2 Prison


 All objects on this page are standalone and do not contain overrides

On this page there is a whole collection of controllers and other objects to help you run a prison for your Sims.  There are cell doors that can let the prisoners in and out, and stuff for their cells that only the cellmates can use.

The description of each object on this page should explain how to use them, and further down the page there is an overview of how to start your prison

Click on picture to download:


Click ijPrisonCore.zip or ijPrisonCoreFT.zip to download a zipfile containing all the objects you *must* have in order to run a prison.  I recommend that you always keep them in a subfolder together, so that you are less likely to accidentally delete one of them.

(This file contains new globals but nothing that overwrites Maxis code)

The core objects comprise the items described below:


The Main Controller enables you to lock prisoners in or out of their cells at any time, and you may also set up to 6 automatic timed lockins or lockouts. Read how to use automation.  Central locking is effected by the Main Controller communicating with each of the Prisoner Tokens - those which have not been set to "Opt out" of central locking. 

The effect of the available security settings is:

  • Lock in = Prisoner is called to their cell, interrupting anything else they were in the middle of.  Then then have to remain in.
  • Keep in = Prisoner is not called to the cell, but once they are there they cannot get out again
  • Lock out = Prisoner is sent from the cell to assemble by the main controller.  Then they have to remain out.
  • Keep out = Prisoner is not sent out of the cell, but once they leave it they cannot get back in.
  • Free access = Prisoner may come and go from their cell as they please.

The emergency options will make the cell and area doors temporarily ignore the tokens to lock all sims in or let them all out.

      PRISONER TOKEN Updated 24th December 2005 to allow users to edit Prisoner Token to make escaping harder or impossible.

The Token allows you to define a Sim as a prisoner using its Sentence option.  The Sim is then moved in as a resident if they are not already, and their previous family number is stored so they can go home when they are released.   The Sim will expect to appear either near the token or under the Prisoner Assembly point - sentencing will fail if there is no space in the right place.   After a few seconds, the prisoner's mugshot will appear on the token so you will know whose it is easily.

You can use the menu on this to lock its prisoner in or out of their cell, or leave it to the central controller to do the job on all cells at once. Any token may "Opt out" of central control if you wish to treat its prisoner differently from the others.  Security menu options are as for the Main Prison Controller above.  You can also medicate your prisoner if they are having trouble sleeping.

ijPrisonCore.zip includes an in-cell meal, which is cloned from the instant meal.  It will appear on the floor in the prisoners' cell when you select "Feed Prisoner" from the Token or the Main Controller's menu.  It has also been modified so that it is cleared by washing up, instead of being thrown in a bin, as this is more convenient in a prison situation.

To customise escaping: Open ijPrisonerToken.package with SimPe.  Open the BCON resource inside the package.  Make the first value higher for harder escapes or lower for easier escapes.  Make it '0' to stop escapes altogether.  This will stop all escape planning and cell searches.   The second value is how many keys they need to accumulate in order to escape into thin air without having to walk out.  The higher the number the more keys they need to save up.  '0' means no thin air escapes allowed.


This works with the area security doors to restrict who can access an area at certain times.  This can be done manually or automatically, or a combination of both.

After any change of access state, the controller also sends the excluded Sims out of the room.  It does this by sending them to their respective Assembly Points.  You can get rid of stragglers by choosing "Manual.../Throw out unauthorised" from the menu.

Settings are:

  • Open to all = anyone can wander in, including visitors
  • Prisoners and staff = but not visitors or other residents
  • No prisoners = Anyone except a prisoner
  • Staff only = Only Sims named on the Staff Controller

Use as many of these as you need.  Each one enables you to name up to 4 Sims from a menu of those who are on the Penal System career.  Works together with the new career package to make the staff appear at the start of their shift, and change into their uniform, and then to go off duty at the end of their shift.

SIMPLE STAFF CONTROLLER 2nd Jan 2006 updated to add special version of prison globals as well as some fixes

If you don't want to be restricted to the challenge of hiring only staff on the Penal System career with their set duty times, download this alternative pair of files  ijSimpleStaffController.zip and use it instead of ijStaffController.package and aaaaaaa_ijPrisonGlobals.packageDo not have both pairs of files in your downloads folder at once


This is the place where prisoners will be sent out to when they are thrown out of a room or their cell.  It should be in a corridor or similar where they can always access freely.

This object also holds special code that the other objects use.  Your game will crash if you try to play prisons without it.  You should only use one Prisoner Assembly Point per prison.


This is the place where staff will be sent out to when they are thrown out of a room.   At the moment there are no occasions when staff are thrown out of a room, but put one in the staff room ready :)  You should only use one Staff Assembly Point per prison.


This is the place where visitors will be sent out to when they are thrown out of a room.  The best place for it is probably outside the prison gates, as it will probably be time for them to go home.  You should only use one Visitor Assembly Point per prison.


All the Assembly Points, including the ones above, have options on their menus to call over Staff, Visitors, Prisoners or Everyone, or a Sim by name.   You can use as many General Assembly Points as you like, to help move Sims around the lot when you want to.


Gets added when a prisoner is sentenced.  Makes them a bit upset.


This is a new career your Sims need to be on if they are to be available to work in your prison.  If you decide to edit this for your own purposes, be aware that the staff controller actually holds its own copy of the start hour, hours worked, days worked, and wages, so editing this would not automatically change the staffing arrangements at your prison.  The uniform however is stored solely with the career object, so changes to that would be reflected in your prison.


This is currently in the form of a buyable object, which the Sim must put into his inventory.  TwoJeffs has incorporated checking for this in his Visitor Controller.  The idea is that any Sim who has one of these in his inventory will not be seen apparently "escaped" and wandering around the shops!  Remove this from your Sim's inventory when their sentence is expired.


A small package containing some new globals I created to help the prison objects.  These globals do not override any Maxis globals.

      All the above objects come in one zip file which can be downloaded by clicking this link ijPrisonCore.zip or ijPrisonCoreFT.zip  
    CELL DOORS - no diagonals available

Cell doors need to be positioned the right way round. Place with green placement arrow pointing into the cell. 

The door does not have a menu; it checks the Prisoner Token/s in the cell to see if the Sim should be allowed in or out at the time.  Any Sim named on the Staff Controller will also be allowed to pass.   The door is responsive to the emergency locking options on the Prison Controller

Any Sim still in pyjamas or underwear will be automatically changed into "normal" outfit when leaving the cell.

Inspired by doors currently being sold for prisons in the UK.  The package contains the new mesh and all 6 colours shown; and of course you can make your own recolours.
ijCellDoor.zip .ijPrisonCellDoorDiner.zip

A cell door made to use Numenor's glass door! (Locking does not work on diagonal)

To use this you must have Numenor's mesh from MTS2 (Link should take you to the right thread)

Barred cell door.  To use this you will need Atavera's original non-hacked door first as that contains the mesh.
ijCellDoorNumenorGlass.zip ijCellDoorAtaveraBars.zip

The door always checks to see if there is an area controller the other side, and if so, what security level it is set to.  If there is no controller in the room the other side, it should just let anyone through.

Does not work on diagonal.

My own mesh.  Narrow glazed windows on upper and lower half.  Typical institutional door.  All six colours to match the cell doors included in package, and you can make your own recolours.
ijPrisonAreaDoor.zip ijPrisonAreaDoorDiner.zip

Area door using Numenor's glass door!

To use this you must have Numenor's mesh from MTS2 (Link should take you to the right thread)

Atavera's barred door as an area security door.   To use this you will need Atavera's original non-hacked door first as that contains the mesh.

ijPrisonAreaDoorNumenorGlass.zip ijPrisonAreaDoorAtaveraBars.zip
Double area security doors.  
Females only area door, but NPCs of either sex can go through.

Males only area door, but NPCs of either sex can go through.


ijFemalePrisonAreaDoor.zip ijMalePrisonAreaDoor.zip


If there is a token in the same room, this is only usable by Sims whose cell it is in.  If not, it can be used communally, but only by prisoners. 

This is hacked to remove shooing (after all how can you shoo out someone who is locked in with you?).  A player can tell a Sim to use it any time, but when left to their own autonomy, the shyer Sims will wait until their needs are greater before using it if they are not alone.



Similar restrictions and privacy issues to the Prisoner Toilet.  Also sponge-bath on command. (Counter not included)



Similar restrictions and privacy issues to the Prisoner Toilet.

    To stop the car pool coming for your prisoners and staff, thinking this is a normal home lot, you need this institution sign.   


Here is a collection file I set up to contain all the prison objects.  I recommend you keep it with all the other things in your prison folder in Downloads; it does not need to be placed in Collections in order for the game to find it.


Please use the forum for feedback or support.


How to start your prison


You need all the files in "ijPrisonCore.zip" in your downloads folder in order to use any of the prison set, or you may experience crashes.   I suggest you keep them in a subfolder together so that you will not delete individual files by mistake.   The other files such as beds and doors you can choose which you want to use.

For your convenience I have made a custom collection, which you can keep in your downloads, it doesn't need to go into the collections folder.


Setting up:

When you have got used to the way the prison objects work, you can experiment with all sorts of layouts, but until then these guidelines will be helpful. 

I advise you to have every room, cells included, leading from a main corridor rather than having to be accessed through other rooms.   Do not put an area controller in any of the main corridors, then your Sims won't get trapped in rooms accidentally.   Put your Prisoner Assembly Point in a part of the main corridor your prisoners can always get to.  Put the Staff Assembly point where staff can always get to, such as the staffroom and the Visitor Assembly point where visitors can always get to, such as outside the prison. 

Put a cell door onto each cell, with the green arrow pointing inwards.  In each cell hang a prisoner token per prisoner who will be sharing that cell.  Put in a bed for each of them and optional washroom equipment.  You need to know that if you choose to provide an enclosed bathroom accessed from a cell, the token will not know if the prisoner is in there and so it will not throw the prisoner out automatically at lock-out times.  Therefore I advise keeping the toilet etc right in the main part of the cell. 

Make any recreation or dining rooms etc that you want, and you can put an Area Controller into any room if you wish to restrict it at times - and of course you will therefore need a special Area Door (placed either way round) that understands the Area Controller.  The Institutional Servery is ideal for the prisoners' dining room. 

Create a small house or apartment for your prison governor and any other resident staff members, and use lockable non-prison doors to preserve it as a proper home. 

Each of the wall-mounted controllers, including the Prisoner Tokens, has a menu for you to control various aspects of your prison. 



The special prisoner furnishing and fittings can only be used by sentenced prisoners.  If they are in a cell (which is defined by whether there is a Prisoner Token in the same room) then only Sims whose token is in that room may use them.  If they are not in a room with a Token, they are considered communal and all prisoners who can physically reach them may use them. 

Bathroom equipment has been modified to stop shooing, since there is no point in trying to shoo out a locked-in cellmate.  But the less outgoing Sims will try to wait for an opportunity for privacy before using them. 


Prisoner control:

You sentence a prisoner by clicking on a Prisoner Token, and selecting a family and then the name of the Sim.  The prisoner will appear either under the token if there is room, or under the Prisoner Assembly point.  If there was not an empty space under either of these things, the sentencing will fail to take place.   If the prisoner is successfully sentenced, he will appear, and after a few seconds his picture will appear on his token so you can recognise it easily.  Prisoners become residents.   When you release a prisoner, they are set back to being members of the family they came from, and they will make their way off the lot to go home. 

Timing of locking up and letting out of cells is done from the main Prison Controller.  You can store up to 6 settings over the day, and each one has an hour, and an action.  You don't need to use every setting, or set them in any particular order. Use the "Auto..." option, then choose an unused setting.  Choose the time for the setting to take place then go back into the menu selecting the setting again and choose an action to happen at that time, for example "Lock out" which ejects the prisoners from their cells and makes them move towards their assembly point. You can allow a prisoner to opt out of central control via his Prisoner Token - which also allows for manual locking up and letting out at any time.  It's the Cell Doors that actually keep a Sim in or out of the cell, and they do it by asking the Prisoner Token whether the Sim should be allowed in or out at that time. 

The Area Controller also has 6 daily settings, and in this case for each time you can choose between whether prisoners can use the room or not, and whether visitors can access the room.   When the access level changes, those sims who should not be in the room are thrown out to their appropriate assembly point.   It's the Area Doors that actually keep a Sim out of the room, and they do it by asking the Area Controller whether the Sim should be allowed in at that time. 

The Prison Controller has an "Emergency..." submenu, where you can tell the Cell and Area doors to ignore their controllers' settings and become either locked or open to all sims until you choose the "Emergency over" option.  This can be useful in a fire for example. 

Prisoners who are bored or unhappy in any way might begin to think about escaping.  If their planning is successful (depends on the abilities and determination of the individual), they will obtain or make keys.  If they have just one key they can simply walk out when there are no staff on duty.  If they have several keys, they can find other ways to suddenly escape even when there are staff on duty.   Prisoners may hand out spare keys to their friends, or steal them from other Sims they don't like.   When you are concerned that a lot of escape planning has been going on unchecked, you can change all the locks for 3000 simoleans which makes all the counterfeit keys instantly useless.  But you need to know each time you change the locks, the locksmiths leave 10 spare keys cut which can be taken by staff and given to prisoners they are too friendly with.   So don't let them cross that divide... 

As well as using keys to escape, prisoners might sometimes just let themselves out of their cells for fun when no staff are watching.  Not all prisoners want to escape anyway.  Again that depends on personality and motivation. 

The Staff Controller offers a menu with all the Sims who are on the Penal System career path.  Your prison is responsible for paying the wages of the staff.  Each grade has different shifts, and you need as far as possible to have staff cover for 24 hours a day, or the prisoners find it easier to escape.  If necessary you can roster on any staff member at any time, but it will cost you double for the overtime. NOTE: If a sim already on the lot has taken a job on the Penal System in this same session, you may have to save and exit the lot and reload it before the sim will show up on the staff controller for hiring.

Security guards are cheap, they work 7 days a week in 12 hour shifts, but they cannot enter the prisoners' cells or do cell searches.  Cell searches are done autonomously by any grade of officer except the governor, and 1% of their charisma is lost each time they search a cell.  The higher the rank of the officer, the more chance they have of finding any hidden keys.  The governor may do a sell search if you ask him to, and is very likely to find a hidden key if there is one.  But you do not want him to lose too much of his charisma because that is a factor in how much money is given by the Friends of the Prison each day.  It also depends how many family friends the governor has. 

Keep your staff reasonably well looked after, because an officer with her needs not met might simply go home early.  You can have up to 4 named staff on each controller and may have more than one controller if necessary.   Don't let your officers get too friendly with the prisoners or they might be tempted to actually help them escape.  You can trust your governor however, so if your prisoner needs to talk they can be befriended by the governor. 

Once a day your prison will receive funding based on how well looked after and well motivated your prisoners are (but you will be fined if they are over-indulged or have unrealistic aspiration levels - so no cheating!)  You will be penalised if security is lax.