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Sims 2 Pets


Stuff to help with animals

Click on file links to download:

  Click on filenames to download   DOGS ONLY BATHTUB

ijDogBath.zip    (no globals)

This is the wooden bathtub made available for dog bathing only.   I was going to make a zinc outdoor style tub but I don't think I am much good at curved meshes, so if anyone wants to clone this and make it another shape, be my guest.


ijPetAway.zip   (no globals)

This simply looks round the lot every 5 Sim minutes and deletes any animals that don't belong to the family, hopefully before they even got onto the lot properly.  Deleted animals are not dead, they are quite safe, and may appear again.

  Click on filenames to download   RESERVABLE PET BED

ijReservablePetBedBasket.zip   (no globals)

This is the basket cloned and made reservable for a named pet.  It will act as a normal pet bed if it is not specifically reserved.  It does not override the original, this is a separate object.