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Sims 2 Open For Business


These items all require, and are relevant to, games with Open For Business EP

Click on file links to download:

    AUTOMATIC CASH REGISTER (no overrides)(requires Open For Business)


Sims walk past this on the way out and have their shopping and credit cards scanned instantly.  It also gets them to leave after purchasing so they don't hang about being a nuisance.

    AUTOMATIC RESTOCKING SIGN (no overrides)(requires Open For Business)


Menu offers:

  • Start Auto Restock at Cost (owner has to pay normal price and needs craftables in his inventory)
  • Start Auto Restock for Free (all items restocked free and craftables appear out of thin air)
  • Stop Auto Restock.

Sign will check around every 15 sim minutes.  No animation is required on the part of any sim.  Items just appear in their appropriate places.

Updated 22nd June 2008 to improve handling of animatable objects such as teddy bears.


ijTimedOpenCloseSign.zip (no globals)(requires Open For Business)

This is a separate object and does not override the original shop sign.

You can use this the same as a normal shop sign, or switch it over to automatic, when it will open, close, call employees to work and send them home again at preset times of your choice.  Each action may be preset individually so that for instance you can have your employees in place before the shop opens.  If there are any of these events you don't want automated, leave the setting at "-1" instead of a proper hour.

If you don't want the shop open on any particular day, toggle to "manual" control the night before.

NB. I recommend you install only one of these per lot, on lots where you use this hack.  On community lots, if you do not want the business to behave as if open and employees to turn up automatically as soon as your owner arrives, you should also place one original Maxis sign - but do not use it.


ijEmployeeToken.zip (no globals)(requires Open For Business)

Requires Automatic Open Sign above.  The automatic arrive and leave times only operate when the Automatic Open Sign above is set to Auto, to avoid employees being called in on days the business is not open.

Use one of these for each employee.  You can assign this only when the employee is actually on the lot, but it stays assigned after they leave.  When you assign it, the employee's picture appears on the token.   Set arrive and leave times, or call in to work or dismiss any time manually.



Please note:  This item was created and named before Bon Voyage was released, and is nothing to do with hotels on holiday destinations

ijHotelPodium.zip  (no globals)(requires Open For Business)

This is a separate podium (doesn't overwrite anything the Maxis one does) that you can use on owned business lots where you want the customers to stay and do other things as well as eating.  The usual Maxis one virtually forces them to queue for a meal and then pretty much forces them to go home after eating or if they had to wait too long.