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Sims 2 Skills, School and University


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You're trying to take your playable Uni students on an outing or vacation, but every time you try, you find one of them has just dashed off to class, or has a final coming up they mustn't be too tired for!  Now you can close the college down for a day - or even give them a long sabbatical - with this scaled-down version of the Wiseman, and the complementary patch.  Simple menu: "Take a break" and "Back to work".  While in Break mode, the time to finals does not count down, and the students will not be called to class.  But they can catch up on their assignments if they wish.   If you like the statue as an ornament only, you can download it without the patch.

ijUniBreakObject.zip   (no globals)

ijUniBreakPatch.zip   (contains replacement globals)

Download BOTH files to obtain the effect.

Affects only the playable students on the lot they live in, where this object is placed.  Compatible with TwoJeffs' College Adjuster.


Using this patch, whenever a Sim reads for pleasure, either from the bookcase or in bed, extra points very slowly accumulate to all their skills and adult interests so that the time is not wasted.  Effect also applies to reading for study.

      ReadingSkills.zip (contains replacement globals)
      allows continual skilling, but will not maximise any skill, so that the Sim can still go and use a skill object briefly and get his Maximise a Skill want fulfilled.
      ReadingSkills_NC.zip (contains replacement globals)
      will not complete any skill point at any level - it will get them nearly there so for each point they need to use a skill object briefly and can get their Gain a Skill Point want fulfilled.   Interests may be maximised with either patch.
      ReadingSkills_NCI.zip (contains replacement globals)
      additionally does not allow an interest point to be completed without doing a normal interest-forming activity for a short time.
      Do not have more than one patch installed at the same time.  Delete one before trying the other.

Stops your Sim leaving a half-finished painting on every easel in the house just to be awkward!

NoAutonomyEasel.zip (no globals)

Can be used with later EPs but will be missing some interactions


Only the assigned owner can autonomously "Practice Painting".  I didn't make it affect the non-autonomous things like painting a portrait, because they're not going to do it without being told anyway.

ReservableEasel.zip (no globals)

Can be used with later EPs but will be missing some interactions


ijSensibleStudyBookcase.zip   (no globals)

This allows autonomous studying according to the Sim's personality and aspirations.  The attractiveness of studying autonomously are at their lowest for playful pleasure-seekers and at their highest for serious knowledge Sims.  The field of study that is most attractive is biased a little by the interests and personality, and there is very little attraction to study a subject the Sim is already maximised on.

Occasionally when a Sim goes to study autonomously, he will tell himself "uh-uh I am not in the mood".  This is usually if there are books already lying around, because I think he starts to think of using one of those, and they are obviously not carrying my hack.

Not advised to use with later EPs - may update some time if requested.