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Sims 2 Lots and Terrain

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  Island terrain suitable for flooded beach lots


This is a small island with very gently sloping shores, with the road as near to the sea as possible you will be able to place sloping lots so they become flooded.

This is a raw SC4 terrain and is compatible with all EPs

  Lake terrain suitable for flooded lots


This is a terrain with some hills and craggy mountains round the edge.  It has a shallow-banked lake in the middle and the road is arranged around it to facilitate the placing of sloping lots which can become flooded

This is a raw SC4 terrain and is compatible with all EPs






  I have made a set of SimCity4 terrains suitable for making into Sims hoods for the purpose of creating sloping lots for special effects on other hoods, such as lots that dip into the water.  They each have an even slope (the number refers to the degree of slope)  made with one straight road going across and one up and down.  Import one into your game as a spare hood, and you can attach the other slopes if desired as downtowns to the first one.

To create your own lots, the idea is you place an empty lot of the size you want onto the terrain that has the slope you want.  You go into the lot in build mode very briefly, then save the lot and return to neighbourhood.  After that you pick up your lot and place it in your lot bin.  Go to the neighbourhood you are actually playing, and place the lot near your sea or lake shore, and the water should flood onto it, if it is near enough to the water.

These are raw SC4 terrains and are compatible with all EPs

  45degLots.zip   Some ready made 45deg lots.    OFB only