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Sims 2 Hiders

All the objects on this page are controllers to hide various types of in-game objects that people complain get in their way while playing.  They have a menu, with "Hide (whatever)" and "Reveal (whatever)".   Both menu options are available all the time, as when you buy a new one of whatever, it won't be hidden already even if the other ones like it are.

The hiders may be placed under other objects to hide them when not in use.  Removing the hider will not result in the hidden objects being visible again, so if you want to delete the hack, make sure you have revealed everything first, otherwise you will have no choice but to bulldoze the lot if you want to get rid of the hidden objects.

Click on file links to download:


ijMultiHider.zip   (no globals)

Seperate menu options hide and reveal columns of all sizes, connecting columns, trees, ceiling objects, and those fake roofpieces.  Also can change appearance between flamingo, hydrangea or CD-Rom.   Use move_objects to place hider under other objects.

2 in Decorative/Sculpture


ColumnHider.zip   (no globals)

Hides 1, 2 or 3 storey columns


InvisLightController.zip   (no globals)

Hides all objects attached to ceilings


TreeHider.zip   (no globals)

Hides trees

    For a wall electronics hider, go to Simchaotics