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Sims 2 Fridge and Food Hacks


Click on file links to download:

    Always stocked fridge PATCHES

PermaFridge.zip  (contains overrides)

PermaFridgeNL.zip (contains overrides)

The above patches refill your fridge every night at about midnight.

      PermaFridgeSeasons.zip   (contains overrides)

Works slightly differently - makes the fridge indicate (to the game) "yes, loads!" every time it is asked if it has any food left


This is to control, on a room by room basis, where your Sims eat at various times of the day, and whether they can use the tables and/or counters in a room to serve meals onto, and to put things down on.  To control counters you need the counter patch and the controller; to control tables you need the table patch and the controller; to control both, you need all three.  In rooms and lots where you do not have this controller, your counters and tables will behave normally.

The menu is self-explanatory, except that when you disable eating for a particular time of day, it will automatically also disable serving for that time of day.  The separate "disable serving" setting is provided for flexibility - for example, if you wish the sims to be able to eat single meals at the kitchen breakfast bar, but eat all group family meals at the table. 

Morning=6am-noon, Afternoon = noon-6pm, Evening=6pm-midnitght, Night=midnight-6am

25th July 2008 CounterControlPatch updated to remove clash with XPTL's petdonotusecounters

ijCounterControlPatch.zip   (contains overrides)

      ijTableControlPatch.zip   (contains overrides)
      ijTableCounterController.zip   (no overrides)
      Controller is found under Misc/General, and can be recoloured.  However, clones will not work.

Once your Sim sets up a buffet, it stays full and fresh until he clears it away.  May or may not work on custom buffets

EndlessBuffetPatch is for the formal buffet that came with the original game

      EndlessBuffetPatch.zip   (contains overrides)

BottomlessBuffetPatch is for the buffet that came with Celebrations

      BottomlessBuffetPatch.zip Requires Celebrations (contains replacement locals)

ijStoveNPCalwaysPatch.zip  (contains overrides)

The above file is an override (patch) to the Shiny Tyme dorm cooktop.  It means whatever lot type you place this in, it will get an NPC cook working just like they do on dorm lots.

The patch below is strictly speaking to do with doors, but I included it here as it's relevant.  It adds the cook to the list of NPCs that can get through otherwise locked doors.  This can be useful if you wish to create a servery with an enclosed kitchen area behind and stop anyone but the cook using the kitchen

ijLockedNpcAllow.zip  (contains overrides)

      ijLockedNpcAllowAL.zip  (contains overrides)

This global patch should affect all Maxis fridges and most custom fridges.

It stops Sims making meals or snacking unless either you tell them to, or their hunger goes below -70 (so that you don't accidentally starve them to death).   Getting bottles for babies and toddlers is unaffected.

This patch will work ok with my permafridge patches.

ijNoAutonomyFridgesPatchOFB.zip (contains overrides)

      ijNoAutonomyFridgesPatchFT.zip (contains overrides)
      ijNoAutonomyFridgesPatchAL.zip  (contains overrides)

Sims cannot choose to get food from the fridge until the player tells them to.  This stops the annoyance of having a Sim parent cook only for themselves etc.

This is a standalone object and all other fridges will be left to work normally.

NoAutonomyFridge.zip (no overrides)

      NoAutonomyFridgeOFB.zip (no overrides)
      ijNoAutonomyFridgeSeasons.zip (no overrides)
      ijNoAutonomyFridgeFT.zip (no overrides)

A pork chop meal hacked so it is an ornament.

DecoPorkChop.zip   (no overrides)

    NO PLATE CLEARING on community lots

Stops your Sims clearing up their own and everyone else's plates in restaurants or any other community lot.  There are better versions of this elsewhere, so this is obsolete.

ijNoCommunityPlateClearing.zip  (contains overrides)

      GAS HOB

Moderately high polygon count

  This sits on a counter without breaking up the flow of your worktop.  It looks like just a hob, but in fact all the oven facilities are magically available just below in the cabinet - if you don't mind your Sim miming a bit :D

Also, the counter is still available to your Sim through the hob, so food can be prepared and served in the same spot.

GasHob.zip (no overrides)

And a hob with the oven functions disabled for those who want life difficult

      GasHobOnly.zip (no overrides)

Moderately high polygon count

  Please note that this electric hob develops a gas flame while cooking.  This is not an error in my work, if you look carefully, Maxis original electric stoves get a flame too, but they've made their mesh a bit higher to hide it.   I decided these hobs need to be set almost level with the worktop, like in real life, so the gas flame is the price we pay.

ElectricHob.zip (no overrides)

And without oven functions

      ElectricHobOnly.zip (no overrides)