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Sims 2 Aging Hacks

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These cakes all have the same GUID, so make sure you only choose ONE version to have in your downloads.

All the cakes have a menu that allows you to age a sim (or pet) up to the next age stage as soon as you want to.  For human sims you select the sim, and have him choose "blow out candles" or "bring baby to cake" and they birthday in the normal way.  For pets, you select any controllable sim, and use "Age pets…" which gives you a list of your pets to choose from.

There is also an option for elders who are worried about becoming a burden to their family.

May be used with the No Aging global patch below to gain complete control over your Sims' aging process.

      ijHeirloomCakeOFB.zip (no globals)
      ijHeirloomCakePets.zip (no globals)
  Click on filenames to download   NO AGING PATCH

ijNoDaysleftDecrease.zip (override)

This patch replaces the BHAV that decreases your Sim's days left in age stage.

This is not the same as the ageing-off cheat, because the ageing-off cheat stops you ageing your sims up at all, whereas this patch leaves you able to age them by any of the available means, they just won't get older automatically.   Also does not affect the course of pregnancy and childbirth.


When using the above patch, or any other hack that customises ageing,  you may find your children and teens are not having their school grades appropriately adjusted.  This is due to some really quite unnecessary code EA wrote to disallow performance grade adjustments on the same day a child ages up.  You can get round this either by aging them on one further day after their birthday using something like the SimBlender, or by putting this patch in your downloads:

ijArbitraryGradeSuppressionFix.zip (contains override)

  Click on filenames to download



  AGE GROUP TWEAK (contains replacement globals)

ijAgecons.zip (this file is for the age durations of humans)

UPDATED FOR Freetime - remains backwards compatible.

This package contains the BCON that deals with how long each age stage lasts.  You can edit them with SimPe to make boring ages last less time, or keep adults fertile longer etc.

It is labelled "for pets" because you should not use my earlier one if you have Pets or later EPs.  However, it is ok to use this version even with earlier games.

Each age group has two entries involved with it:

  • Lines 0 and 1 = babies
  • Lines 2 and 3 = toddlers

  • Lines 4 and 5 = children

  • Lines 6 and 7 = teens
  • Lines 8 and 9 = adults

You need to enter the numbers as one less than the number of days you want the age to last.  For example if you put "6" for a teen, they will be a teenager for 7 days.  This is applied to a Sim at the time of transition, so edits to this file start to affect each Sim at his or her next age transition.  I don't know if this file contains the place to specify total lifespan, so you may find if you make the teen stage say 90 days, Sims might die of old age while still teenagers.  An experiment you might like to try.  I saw a line with '70' as the value, so that might be the baseline life expectancy you could play around with.

Thank you to Paul White and Rune Borsjo who told me that the last 5 values in the BCON affect how many days elders can gain or lose due to events in their life.  Presumably reducing all those values will get rid of the oldies quicker :D

ijPetagecons.zip (this separate file is for the age durations of animals)


Sims2_Aging (no globals)

ijDaysLeftShrubPets.zip (no globals)

Fake menu shows you at a glance how long every Sim on the lot has left in his or her age stage.  Useful for predicting the death of elders.  Remember, menu is for reading only, and the options don't do anything.


HeirloomCake.zip (no globals)

Your Simmies can have their cake and not eat it!  Keep it in the family for a birthday any time you choose, no matter how long your Sim thought he had until his next aging opportunity.   You will need to turn on aging (i.e. do not use the aging -off cheat on the lot) in order for birthdays to work, but don't worry because this cake has an optional anti-aging process built in.  If you choose "Turn aging off" (this is selected by default), the cake will give everyone in the family a day of their life back each midnight, cancelling out the day that is taken off by the game.   Visitors may also birthday, if you have Merola's Mind Control Mirror to select them.

Note: check the anti-aging setting from time to time, because if anything happens to "error" or reset the cake, the anti-aging process will get turned back on.