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Rural Africa - World

  This is loosely based on images I have seen of rural Africa.   There are two mudhut style villages on the river, and two large empty residential lots for rich people on the river.   Then there is a town, partly shanty style, partly being developed for the tourist industry

There is only one road - it starts at the town and leads away to who knows where.  Sims living on the river have to walk into town and it takes them quite a long time!

There is one of every type of spawner from the basegame.   It has custom ini resources to make the water similar to Nile water, and to add a heat haze.

**Requires World Adventures

***Uses MelissaMel's smaller rabbitholes.  If you want to use those, install them before this world.  If not, you will have to edit the community lots to place your own.

Download  ijRuralAfrica.rar (to install just unrar and place .package directly into your Installed Worlds folder)

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