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Sims 2 Apartment Fixes


This is a group of fixes specifically designed to make non-playable and not-in-play neighbors in an Apartment lot behave more logically.  One most-often complained about problem is they keep coming out of their apartments and going straight back in again when you try to socialise with them.  This fixes that  by not sending them out into the communal area in the first place if they will need to go straight back.  It also decides suitable bedtimes much more flexibly by looking at the neighbor's working hours as well as Active/Lazy personality.

Room mates are also fixed.  They will now need to use the facilities of the apartment including a bed.  Going on errands or to work will no longer green them up magically - with the exception they may eat while on an errand, just like a real person could.

This hack does not alter anything about the way pets and toddlers/babies are dealt with.  They will continue to suffer from magic motives.


The indicator pictures

Some players like to use their apartment lots to play other scenaria like a retirement home, or a hostel, where some facilities may be provided communally.  For example, there may be a hacked Shiny Thyme cooktop and cook to prepare canteen meals.   By using the wall pictures below in any combination, you can indicate to the not-in-play neighbors that they need to come out to satisfy certain motives, that they cannot find these facilities in their own rooms, cells or apartments.

There is one picture for each motive; above are some examples.  The pictures are $2 each and are quite small so you can arrange them one above the other.  The hack will take into account what pictures are on the lot, and will allow the pictured motives to decay while the Sim is having the non-pictured motives raised in the apartment.   So for example, if you have only a picture of cutlery and one of a toilet showing, the sim will be kept in his room while his energy and hygeine are filled gradually, then sent out to use the toilet and eat.

These pictures are best placed in the communal area while the apartment is being built.   If you have forgotten to do that, and you therefore need to put them in the playable sim's apartment, then you need a duplicate set for each playable apartment, because the game will not be able to find them when they are hidden in a not-in-play apartment.

Below is the "nothing" indicator.  If you have this on your lot, it tells the non-selectable apartment neighbors not to bother coming out of their apartments at all, unless you knock for them, or to go to work .  Once they are out, however, they will obey the other motive pictures for guidance about when to go back in (the game already makes them go back to their apartments straight after work).

The "nothing" indicator also tells the landlord not to bother having a Saturday party.  You may prefer to add this picture only to your playable apartment rather than the communal areas, because then you can delete it easily if you change your mind about how sociable you want to be.

ijApartmentFixes.zip  Requires Apartment Life

The zip contains four files with game overrides, plus a file for each of the indicator pictures.  Should work alongside Pescado's or TJ's school bus AL fixes.

Updated 11th Dec 2008 to make compatible with Squinge's Teen Roommates.  You must ensure MY hack loads LAST.  Also has improved support for vampires.