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Sims 2 - Rickzoe's Collection Files

For Simlogical Content


Collection Files

hi, I thought I'd post the Simlogical Collection files that I use in my game. the objects in Institutions, the Security System, and the new seasons Teleporter are not included in these files.

i hope i made them correctly, it's my first time make Collection files (also, the icons may not be that great, but i guess that's easy to change).

let me know if they work or don't work for your game (if they don't i'll remove them...)

there are 14 files:

Simlogical.package--all Simlogical objects that i use in my game
Simlogical AGE
Simlogical BUILDING
Simlogical BUSINESS
Simlogical CHILD
Simlogical EATING
Simlogical FURNISH
Simlogical HIDERS
Simlogical LEARN
Simlogical MOVE
Simlogical PETS
Simlogical RESERVE
Simlogical SLEEP
Simlogical WASH

the icons and names (except for Business, which is labled Earnings) are the same images that are used on the site for the categories.

thank you Inge for your cool mods!



Click on file links to download:

      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical AGE.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical BUILDING.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical BUSINESS.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical CHILD.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical EATING.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical FURNISH.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical HIDERS.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical LEARN.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical MOVE.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical PETS.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical RESERVE.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical SLEEP.package
      ..\Sims2Downloads\Rickzoe\Simlogical WASH.package