Recolorable Glass column walls by Bloom

Glass walls

I wanted to create a maze with glass walls but making the basegame walls transparant was to difficult for me.
So i created meshes with the same size as the wall(1 tile in lenght)
Included in the file are 10 glass walls with open and closed ends some with 45 degree angle.
All have a seamless fit and patterns can be used(patterns not all have a seamless fit tho)

You can build without any cheats as they can be placed with other building stuff, objects and eachother.
Besides that they work like any other column

When you extend or use them with the basegame walls a small gap appears, nothing i can do about that.
Hardly visible tho(same thing happens with windows)
Since the walls are always there you can not click stuff behind them, they do dissapear when dropping the floor.
I shouldn't have included the shadowmeshes, they do not work nice with the ''open'' meshes.
Get the file here: Glass wall

I forgot to mention one thing.
The 3rd design is a small edit to the multiplier wich tints the glass a bit darker on the top

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