Pose Pack Creator by cmo

This small application allows you to enter pose list information(poses, thumbnails, etc.) and automatically create a game ready package with the poses, thumbnails, and pose list for use in the Pose Player's pose list feature.

For Windows, you will need Microsoft's .Net Framework 4 if you have not already got it, from this link on Microsoft's site:



Before you start making your Pose Pack List first create all the poses you plan to put in the pose pack.  Package the poses into a single package and test them in game.  Once your poses are all how you want them to be you're ready to begin making the Pose Pack List.  Note that adding a pose to the Pose List Package after it is made is not as easy as just making a brand new Pose Pack...so don't start making the Pose Pack until you're sure all the poses are made and how you want them.

Getting Pose Pack Creator Ready To Use

1. Make a folder and name it Pose List Creator
2. Open the Pose Pack Creator .rar and extract the contents into the folder you just made.

Create the Thumbnails for Your Poses

1. Make a thumbnail for each pose.

   a. The thumbnail must be 59 x 60 pixels.
   b. The thumbnail must have a unique name.  The easiest way to achieve this, assuming your poses each have a unique name as they should, is to
       make the name of your thumbnail the same as the pose it is for and add the date or something like _thum to the end.
2. Save each thumbnail into your working folder.  The thumbnail needs to be saved as a .png

Preparing to Make the Pose Pack

1. Create a new folder inside your working folder and name it something like Pose Pack.  This will be the folder that you save the pose pack
    resources into once the Pose Pack Creator tool has generated them for you.

Making the Pose Pack

1. Open the Pose Pack Creator by clicking the file named PosePackCreator.exe inside your Pose Pack Creator folder. 

2. Click the Browse Button next to the Clip line and navigate to your working folder.  Select the folder which contains your first pose, select the pose
    inside. The path to your first pose will then appear in the line next to the word browse.

3. Click the Browse button next to the Thumbnail line.  Navigate to your working folder and select the thumbnail you made to go with your first pose.
    The path to your first thumbnail will appear in the Thumbnail line.

4. Type in the pose name you want to show in the list on the line under the words Pose Name. If you just want to use the same name as the clip, leave this field blank. Now type in a short description of your pose into the line below the words Short Description.  Type your creator name into the line below the word
    Creator. Once all the lines are filled in click the Add to List button.

   a. You will notice that you cannot click the Add to List button until all the empty lines are filled.  This is what is supposed to happen.

   b. Do NOT click the Save Pose Pack button until all the poses you want in the Pose Pack are added to the list.  If you do you will have to
      start over.

5. Once you hit the Add to List button all the text in the boxes will disappear. A new box will show up in the lower left corner.  It will show the pose
    list.  After adding your first pose one pose will be listed there.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each pose in your .package.  Once all the poses in the .package are listed in the Pose List click the Create Pose Pack button
    and then click OK.  You will get a dialogue box that has empty lines for the File Name and Save as Type.  Just enter a name for your pose list 
   .package and leave the other line blank.  Pick the name that you want the .package to have when you share it or use it yourself.  Save it into the
    Pose Pack folder you saved earlier.  Click OK in the Pose pack completed box.

7. Remove the old pose.package first. Now you can test your Pose .package with Pose List in the game.  Be sure you test the one in your Pose Pack folder as this is where Pose
    Pack Creator has added your images and CLIPs. 

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