CollectionTweaker3 - updated 13th May 2013 by Inge

This tool allows you to edit a collection you created in your game, to change its name and create a unique custom icon for it.

How to use
Unpack rar into folder.
Double-click on .exe to run application
Click Open collection button and Browse to collection package you want to edit
Click Customise to create copy of EA icon in your collection package.
Click Export to make a png file you can edit in PSP etc.
Click Import to get your new image back into package.
Click Save etc.

Now, you have to do one more thing to make sure the game will use your custom image - you have two alternatives.

Either: Put a second copy of this edited collection package into Mods/Packages (as well as the one in Collections).  The collection is read from Collections folder, while the image is read from Mods folder.

Or: Edit your Resource.cfg in your Mods folder to add this line:
Code: [Select]
PackedFile ../Collections/User/*.package(NB this is correct for a Windows PC, I have no idea about Mac)

Download: CollectionTweaker3_02.rar

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