Creating an Object-Start to Finish by orangemittens

This tutorial will teach you how to create a new object for Sims 3 using s3oc, s3pe, TextureTweaker3, Milkshape and Blender.  These tools will be used as follows:

s3oc - cloning the Sims 3 object to create a new package for the object.
s3pe - exporting package resources needed to create the new object and importing edited resources back into the package.
TextureTweaker3 - editing the image resources of the object, enabling channel, changing default pattern, and previewing object's appearance.
Milkshape - creating the new mesh, mapping the new mesh, exchanging the new mesh for the Sims 3 clone.
Blender - baking the multiplier, making the mask and specular images, editing slots and adding new slots to the object.

The tutorial has multiple parts each of which is located in its own thread.  These parts are as follows:

Set Up        - Links to the tools, plugins, and addons you'll need and instructions for setting up the editors for meshing.

Part 1         - Use s3oc to clone an EA object and create a .package for your new object.

Part 2         - Use s3pe to export mesh resources which will need to be edited for your new object.

Parts 3-14   - Use Milkshape to create and map your new mesh.

Parts 15-16  - Use Blender to bake the multiplier, mask, and specular images.

Part 17        - Use Milkshape to finalize the object's map.

Part 18        - Use Blender to create the low poly MLOD.

Part 19        - Use Blender to edit and add slots.

Part 20        - Use Milkshape to ready the meshes for import back to s3pe.

Part 21        - Use 3T to assemble the images, enable a channel, change a default pattern, and preview the object's final appearance.

If you already know how to mesh and map using Milkshape and you want to skip steps 3-14 and step 17 the tutorial object is included in the tutorial download.  You can use this to go through the other parts of the tutorial.  If you're new to meshing and mapping with MS it may be helpful to you to import the finished tutorial object and take a look at it prior to starting to make your own.

The complete tutorial is here:

As always, thank you to the people who've made it possible to create things for Sims 3:

Inge & Peter Jones - s3oc and s3pe
Atavera - s3pe wrappers
Cmomoney - Blender addons
Wes Howe - Milkshape plugins
Inge Jones - Texture Tweaker 3 Tool

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