meshHelper for Blender - Updated 2 June 2012 by Peter

This is a helper for s3pe to export and import meshes between Sims3 packages and cmo's Blender plugin.

To install:

Either download and run the .exe in which case it should locate your s3pe installation and automatically install itself correctly.  Done.

Or unpack the 7z taking care to retain the folder structure.  Place the contents into your s3pe\Helpers folder in such a way that the s3m2bImport.helper and s3m2bExport.helper are in the s3pe\Helpers folder, and the unpacked folder called meshHelper-s3m2b is under it - ie s3pe\Helpers\meshHelper-s3m2b\. Do NOT empty the contents into your main s3pe folder or you risk overwriting files that should not be overwritten.

Or unpack the 7z into a location of your choice, outside the s3pe folder. The .helper files should be edited to contain the correct path to where you are keeping the helper, and then just place those two files into your s3pe\Helpers folder.

meshHelper-s3m2b_12-0601-2217.exe - Windows Easy Installer version

meshHelper-s3m2b_12-0601-2217.7z - Unpack-It-Yourself version

The (source and) past releases may be obtained from: under OldReleases.

Full change history:

Export bones from SKIN in order of JointReferences from mesh (followed by unreferenced bones).
Remove warning about unreferenced bones on import.

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