TextureTweaker3 by Inge

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The function of this tool is to set up and edit the catalog color options of a custom .package you have already created in a cloner such as s3oc.   You can not only easily import replacement masks and multipliers, but you can make it use different EA patterns for your CASTable channels, and fine-tune those, such as the HSV shift so you can have bright green and purple cow print, for example.

All these things could also be done using s3pe, but this tool makes it easier since you don't have to try and work out which field means what and needs editing.  This tool shows you which image is used for what, and shows you what your changes look like as you make them.

Screenshots in next post.
Instructions and download link in post #3
Tutorial giving example of use http://www.simlogical.com/ContentUploadsRemote/uploads/681/index.htm

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