TextureTweaker3 - How to use Pattern Preview feature by Inge

Pattern complate picker now has preview images, and two tabs with alternative views and filters.

To use this feature, you can either make your own pattern preview images or download a ready-made set (15Mb download).

1) Download the ready made set if you're going to, and unpack it anywhere you like.
2) If you didn't download the ready made set, create an empty folder wherever you like.
3) Open TextureTweaker and go into Settings.  Using the Pattern Preview Folder setting, browse to the folder you unpacked or created.  Save settings.
If you downloaded the ready made ones, after a few seconds TextureTweaker will have read them all in and be ready to go.
4) If you chose not to download the ready made previews, use Tools/Make Pattern Previews.  TextureTweaker will proceed to make about 950 small pngs in the folder you chose, each named after the Instance ID of one of the complates. On my PC, it took approximately 40 minutes.  A popup at the end will tell you when it's done.  As soon as it finishes, the pictures should be automatically loaded ready to use.

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