Fountain and Hot Tub Fixes by sydserious

This mod adds water animations to fountains that came with IP and several store purchased fountains and hot tubs.

This mod will override and fix/tweak items that are currently installed on your system.  If you do not have the item, the mod will not do anything.

The download includes all items.  Extract the files that you need to your Mods/Packages Directory.  Clear your cache files before restarting your game.  If you open a game where you had already purchased a fountain and no water animation is present, delete the item and repurchase again.  The animation should then play.

I do not think EA intended for the Monster Squid and Poseidon fountains to have any animations other than stagnant water.  These two items have been "tweaked" to add animations and use Showtime fountain dll files.  If you do not have Showtime, these probably will not work for you. 

The frog fountain is pictured but I am currently fine tuning this fountain and several others not pictured and will update when they are available. (Updated - Frog is included)

These work perfectly in my game but I am the only one who has tested so any feedback would be greatly appreciated and will do my best to resolve any issues. Thank you to all the testers!


Important Note:  I used a little bit of "debug magic" to activate the jets for the picture of the Hot Tubs.  Normally, unless a Sim is using them - the water will not be flowing. 

Update 1/24/14 - Have uploaded new file with all the fountains pictured.  Did some heavy tweaking with the remaining four and utilized existing animations that are in the game. Also updated the fish fountain from IP so please replace the one you have with the new updated one.

I did perform several "test drives" with a clean folder and only these fixes with zero store content installed.  I had no crash issues but did have the minor annoyance of a blank thumbnail in my buy catalog.  If you find blank thumbnails after installing these, the cause will most likely be you are missing a fountain.  However, installing these will not crash your game if you do not have the fountains so if you accidentally install one, you should still be ok.  : )

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