[PC] FIX for Walker and Playpen Reset Bug - V2 by Nona Mena

This mod provides a fix for the bug affecting the Walker and Playpen premium content objects from the Sims 3 Store. Since patch 1.63, the walker and the playpen no longer function properly and cause the toddler to reset. This happens when the toddler uses one of the following interactions: Play with Abacus (playpen), Play with Mirror (playpen) or Play (Walker) and has already achieved the "maximum" skill level allowed for the object/interaction (Logic: 3, Charisma: 3, Handiness 2, respectively).

This mod will allow your toddlers to use the walker and playpen normally without any fear of resetting, even if they have reached the maximum skill level intended for the interaction.

Note: You MUST have the Head Start Playpen or the Local Motion Toddler Walker (or both) from the Sims 3 Store in order for this mod to work. It will NOT add the objects to your game.

UPDATE: 15 November 2013 - The skill meter now properly disappears when a sim has "maxed" the skill for an interaction. No more flashing skill meters. The walker and playpen will function exactly as they should, without any resets or skill meter flakiness.

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

Important Details:

Known Issues:
There are no longer any known issues with this mod.

Please report any problems that you encounter with this mod.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to twallan for pointing out the correct HideSkillMeter method :) This is easily accessed by a modder, but not so much for the store team.

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