Isle of the Midnight Sun v. 3 - MSC World by Gurra

You don't remember much of what happened but the cruise ship sank, your lifeboat broke, and you ended up here. What a lucky life, don't you think?

This is version 3 of the island used in the Midnight Sun Challenge, the rules of which can be found here:

In the middle of the ocean on this tiny little island there is one 10x12 houseboat that costs ยง13,500 which is the challenge lot. The world includes spawners for all base game ocean and deathfish fishing and you may also find some seeds on the island. Due to the small size of this world it loads very fast on most computers.

Unlike earlier Midnight Sun Challenge worlds this one does not contain INI files creating midnight sun effect. I recommend using the Polar version of my Sunrise/Sunset Offset mod to have the intended sun times, you can find the mod here:

This world requires Island Paradise EP.


Good luck playing the Midnight Sun Challenge, and have fun!

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