Imgr Suite - Quick image resizer for Windows by Joska


1) Please UPDATE AGAIN (uninstall & install the new version) Imgr Suite to v3.3! The bug wasn't really fixed before, now it really is! An unknown bug in previous versions saved the files after resizing without an hex header. Some sites like photobucket complain, because the extension (e.g. .jpg) doesn't match the format (there's no format at the header, at all). It's an important update!

2) Since 05/08/2013, the entries mentioned above are shown in all the files' context menu, regardless of its extension. That means that a) this probably fixes the old problem (it wasn't shown in people with an "open with" application other than Windows Photo Viewer) and b) Now you can resize every kind of file. Of course, it will only work with image files, and I only tested JPG, PNG and GIF files. If you try to use it in another kind of file, the program should detect it's not an image and do nothing, but avoid resizing... txt files  :P

So, I created two tools that might be helpful for some of you guys here. It was inspired by Inge (in fact, the first name of himgr was IngeResize  ::)), and continued by me... Here it is, the imgr suite!
(Yes, I made a program for Windows)
It has a nice installer, built with Inno Setup, which creates two files under C:\Program Files\Imgr Suite, and creates a few registry keys to display two entries in the context menu of JPG, PNG and GIF files:

Now, for me and some of the people who have tested it, it works perfectly. But for some other people, the entries didn't show at the context menu. That's what would be nice to test!
So please, download it, install it, and check if you see the entries above at the context menu for JPG, PNG or GIF files. Try restarting the computer too, please!
Disclaimer: (It's in the installer, you should read it) I only checked that it works nicely with JPG, PNG and GIF files, that's why it's in the context menu for them. You can apply either himgr or cimgr to any file using the command line: "C:\Program Files\Imgr Suite\himgr.exe" thefile.bmp, for example. But it can totally broke your file, so take care. If you feel like testing another format, you're welcome to do it and report it in this thread. If enough tests are done for a concrete extension, it will be added to the context menu in further releases.

Click HERE to download Imgr Suite 3.3
Compatible with: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (x86 or x64)
Tested with: Windows 7 x86, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64
Might work (unknown) with: Windows XP

Important notices
This program needs .NET Framework 4.5. Download: Microsoft Download Center.
It's recommended to clean your registry. CCleaner Free is recommended for that matter. But fortunately, since v3 it won't be needed.
Recommended extra tools: Scrimgr

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