[SHT] Showtime: Performance Career Tweaks by Nona Mena

This is a simple XML Tuning mod which removes the Limo for Showtime Performance Careers and/or removes the fail chance at the high levels of the career. This mod only affects Singers, Acrobats and Magicians, which are part of the Showtime Expansion Pack.

Want No Limos for almost all careers and for celebrities? Check out my No Limos mod.

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

Important Details:
Please report any problems that you encounter with this mod.

Use only one flavor!

Nona_PerformanceCareer_NoFail - At levels 9 and 10, performers no longer have a chance to fail with their tricks. | (mirror)

Nona_PerformanceCareer_NoLimo - Level required to receive limo ride change to 11 (up from 8 ), so that performers never get a limo. | (mirror)

Nona_PerformanceCareer_NoLimoNoFail - Performers will neither fail at their tricks, nor receive a limo.| (mirror)

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