Playable prison for TS3 - updated July 24th by Inge

This is a set of objects with their own scripts, that enable you to run a residential lot with some of the routines of a jail, and demarkations between prisoners and non-prisoners.   

This is neither a core mod nor a tuning mod and should not clash with anyone else's mods.  Created initially with patch level 1.50.  Should not require any particular EP.

Basic objects and scripts
Download base pack
The package contains a minimal set of the necessary objects, as listed in the Help Webpage

Prison-modded furniture
Beds and toilets etc modified to work only for prisoners.  These sense whether they are in a communal area or in someone's cell.  Again, more details in the Help files Download furnishings

I don't advise using this in an ongoing game you're very serious about until it's been tested more thoroughly.   Please post here if:
a) Something doesn't work like the Help says it should, or vice versa
b) Something doesn't work in the way you think it should anyway
c) Any other observations.

This is work in progress.  I plan to add other objects and features over time.  You can make your own versions of the objects by simply giving them the same scriptclass.  The CellToken and MugShot both need to be cloned from something with an ImageSurface.

Because this works by making the prisoner a member of the prison household (see Help page) you may like to also have Twallan's mod for enabling larger households.

Additional resources:

I have made a package with OBJK overrides for CycloneSue's Banged Up Prison Set doors - Download OBJK overrides.  For help in using OBJK overrides please read Tutorial: How to Create and Use an Overrides Folder by Nona Mena

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