Hospital Overhaul (Scripting Mod) [For Testing] by Sims MX

This is a revamped version of my previous Hospital Overhaul mod. It introduces new features such as surrogacy and alien infestation.

You can find screenshots and more information about each feature by clicking the links below:

This is a scripting mod. Thus, conflicts are next to non-existent.

This mod was compiled against patch 1.55. It won't work with older patch versions!


From Simlogical (~139 KB)

Optional Tuning:
Note: Teen pregnancy requires teen maternity wear (download CmarNYC's at MTS).

2013.4.10: Re-release.
2013.4.17: Optional tunings, assisted suicide and sterilization features were added.
2013.4.21: Sperm donations for combo rabbit holes and missing pregnancy after reloading the game were fixed.
2013.7.21: Sex reassignment, egg donors, and veterinary services were added to the hospital and equestrian center, respectively. More info here.

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