Booze Bottle by Zedrael featuring script by simsmx by Zedrael

A bottle of cheap whiskey to put in your sims inventory or place for decor. 

Your sim can now get drunk, and get a hangover from drinking too much! 
Made to go with the Hobo Collection, but is a fun addition to any sims household!

Buy the boozebottle in buymode and place on any surface.  In playmode, left click to have your sim take a swig or put in inventory.  You can also drag and drop the boozebottle to the desired sims inventory.  Usable by Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Elder sims.  Child sims can put the bottle in their inventory and give as gift, but cannot drink from it.  Toddler sims will have no interaction available.

The bottle starts with 15 drinks, or "swigs"

After drinking, your sim will get the "drunk" moodlet.  If your sims drinks too much in a short period they'll get the "hungover" moodlet.

 The "Drunk" moodlet is positive and slightly increases skill gain for creative skills (Painting, Sculpting, etc.). The "Hung Over" moodlet is negative and slightly decreases skill gain for mental skills (Logic, Inventing, etc.). To get this moodlet a Sim must drink several times within a couple of hours. So if a Sim drinks five times in less than 12 hours, they are most likely to have a hangover once their "Drunk" moodlet wears off.


My hobo sim's name is Henry, and he thinks his booze tastes like dirty sock:

This is NOT a replacement object.  This object can be found in Buymode: Outdoor/Outdoor Activities.
This object requires the World Adventures expansion pack. 

Note:  After your sim has used up the allotted 15 "swigs" they will have to buy another.  They are stackable in inventory, so your sim can hold up to 5 in a stack.

Thank you to simsmx for yet another masterfully made script!

Creators:  Please read my usage policy here


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