Consort HairColor (Script Mod) by Consort

Consort HairColor - Blend and inherit Hair Colors

What this Mod does

This mod blends the hair colors of two parents and applies it to the Offspring-Sim. This guarantees more surprise and variation than the original EA code that just copies either parent's hair color.

You can do this manually by clicking on a Sim and/or let the mod automatically run every time a Sim is born.

The mod works with any hair color.

Funfact: There are 79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,336 possible hair colors. And that's just the scalp hair of one Sim.

Let's make the game more colorful!

Sim Menu

Prompts you to enter a number between 0 and 100.
This % value decides on how prominent the hair color of the same-gender parent will be in the mix.

0 means the hair color is identical to the opposite-gender parent
50 means both parent's hair colors get mixed equally
87 would mean that 13% of the opposite-gender color gets mixed with 87% of the same-gender color.

Just leave “random” to apply a randomly rolled mix.

The mod now calculates the new hair color and applies it to the Sim. You will get a little notification in the top right corner to inform you about success or failure.

Copy $Name's Hair Color
This works just like the copy function in any other program. It copies the Sim's hair color to the clipboard.

Paste Hair Color ($Name)
Pastes the hair color currently stored in the clipboard to the Sim.
The displayed name is the Sim the color was originally copied from.
Paste always applies the color from clipboard, not from the Sim's current hair.

Hint: Copy/Paste are extra functions to make it easier to toy with hair colors, or repair them, or undo changes, or do what you like with them. They are not essential for what the mod does.

City Hall/Base Camp Menu

Shows the version of the mod and the XML-tuning string.

Menu Entries on Sims VISIBLE/HIDDEN
Toggle whether the Sim menu is displayed when you click on a Sim.

Inherit is ON/OFF for Newborns Default: OFF
Whether or not the Mod should automatically apply blended hair colors after Sims are born in the game.


-Some Sims have strange hair colors. The default population of Sunset Valley has Sims with blue-blond, greenish red or black with white streaks hair colors. The mod does not detect “odd” looking hair colors, so some results might look odd as well.
-The mod uses a skin color detection. If a Sim's skin is considered “dark”, it applies the darker of the two parent's hair colors. Dark refers to the EA definition: the skin tone slider is more than 66%. This value can be tuned or switched off with the XML tuning file.
-The mod always sets all hair types (eyebrows, beard, body hair) to the same hair color as the scalp hair.
-Blend values 0-10% and 90-100% snap to the relevant parent's hair color if that hair is considered black or white (very light blonde).
-Automatic inheritance triggers with a delay of ~30 Sim minutes.

XML Tuning (skip this, totally optional)

(string) kXMLstring
String to name your tuning file. String gets displayed by the Info option
(float) kSkinToneDarkThreshold
Legal values 0.0-1.0
How dark a skin tone has to be in order to make the mod pick the darker hair color.
1 = off
(int) kRandomGaussIterationsInherit
Applies when rolling the mom/dad random blend amount
Affects automatic inheritance
Realistic values: 1,2 (maybe 3);
1: True random.
2: Gaussed random (inversed) with 2 iterations: values around the middle (50%) are less likely to be rolled

(int) kRandomGaussIterationsSimMenu
see above
Affects manual inheritance via Sim-menu.

(bool) kShowSimMenuDefault
Show Sim menu by default when starting a fresh game
(bool) kAutoInheritDefault = false;
Switch Auto inherit on or off by default when starting fresh game

Optional XML Tuning File Package:

Compiled against 1.47 Patch level, should be compatible with earlier or later versions. (Tested and compatible with 1.50, 1.55, 1.57, 1.63)
No incompatibilities with other mods are known of.


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