Batch Resource Editor (Tool) by Sims MX

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This tool batch processes CAS and Build/Buy catalog rearrangements.

How Does It Work?:
This tool reads re-categorization information from a XML file. It extracts the game resources that need to be modified and edits them according to the instructions specified in the XML.

As a modder, you'll stop worrying about extracting the OBJD/CASP resources from the game every time there's a patch. This can be tiresome, specially if your re-categorizer affects lots of items.

As a player, you no longer need to wait for modders to update their work and you can easily modify a re-categorization XML file to fit your needs.

Re-categorization data is stored in a XML file that this tool can load and read. You can create this file manually (Komodo Edit is recommended) or you can download Re-categorization Helper to create one in-game.

More information on re-categorization XML files below.

You can also find an example below. It's ready to be used and tested! :P

User Settings:
Click on the ? button (top right corner) to open the Settings prompt. This allows you to choose whether custom and/or Store content is ignored (i.e., custom and/or Store content won't be re-categorized), as well as setting your game folders.

Note: To re-categorize Store content, you need to decrypt your dbc/ebc files. Copy the DCCache folder and run its contents through s3sr (it takes a while, don't panic). Set the program to locate your copied folder.

To install this tool, download and unzip the file in a new folder. It's of utmost importance that you do not unzip in s3pe's installation folder.

Double-click the exe file and you're ready to go!

This tool requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Whether it works on Mac with a MONO interpreter is unknown.

From Simlogical (~220 KB).

2013.3.12: Release.
2013.7.15: Supports University Life and Island Paradise.

Credits to Peter L Jones for the s3pi library and Anach for his support and help.

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