Grandpa Built It by misukisu

Scandinavian Farm For Sale

Traditional cottage, 3 rooms and a kitchen, hall and storage room. Separate sauna, outhouse toilet and a barn. Located in Glendalough, in a 40x50 lot by the river near downtown. Price ยง65.161.

Can be used in Moonlight Falls too, there is a free 50x50 lot near the center that you can use.

CC is used heavily, also pay stuff. There is a massive list at the end of this post containing all the items you need. 

This is a seasonal lot, meaning that it changes around the seasons. Don't expect anything dramatic though, the changes are subtle.

The cottage was built after the wars, along with the sauna, barn and the outhouse. The latest renovation was done in mid-nineties, when the grill hut was added and the walls in the cottage were re-papered  The farm used to be larger, but parts of it were sold later on. Grandpa had 2 horses, but the barn does not fulfill the current recommendations. They don't let you keep animals in such small spaces anymore.

Here is the floor plan of the cottage. The attic is usable too, but right now it contains just some old junk and mattresses.


Firewood is collected by the barn, mushrooms grow. Unfortunately, most of them are inedible.

That firewood is used during the winter to keep the cottage warm. There are plenty of fireplaces.

Crop is collected and colorful tablecloths are changed to the kitchen and the main room.

The leafs are gone, and the weather is getting colder.


Candles are lit, heavier curtains are needed to keep out the cold. In the last testing I found out there is one candle more out in the snow... you might want to delete it :)

Christmas tree is brought in the main room. Little "tomten" decorate the stove.

Nice thick snow covers on every roof - cottage, barn, outhouse toilet and sauna.

Crisp winter day. Perfect day to roll in the snow after sauna.

In case your sims are not up for the simple life, I left one old storage room empty in the cottage. It can fit a small toilet/shower if you want.


It's still too cold to get plants grow outside, but they do fine in the porch.

Hall, on the other hand, looks pretty much the same thorough the year.

But at least kitchen gets a new tablecloth.

Same for the grill hut table, it's actively used only in the spring/summer. There's not much sense decorating for the spring, it's so short anyway.

The nice thing is, it's over zero again so your ass does not freeze when in the outhouse toilet.


If you place the lot in the Glendalough, the sauna is by the river.

And if you get the EA sauna (does someone put coals under the bench? Really?), sims will not do much else but use it. I guess there are not many other activities here.

Summer decor inside.

Beehives are grandpa's old hobby. He was real handy taking care of them. The garden used to go on and on, but now it only takes the space between the hives and grill hut. There are couple of fruit trees still by the house. (This pic was taken in Moonlight Falls)

Like in all old farms, there is some broken stuff dumped in the backyard. Unfortunately the lot was not big enough so I dumped them on the neighbors land. If you want them, you'll have to replace them yourself.

The download and CC list in next post.

Actually no, the download is here ->

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