Not far from Paradise by annejline


May I introduce my house called "Not far from Paradise" : It is built around two large trees. A sheltered footbridge takes you from the Kitchen/dining room to the Bed & bath room. The living room is above the Kitchen/dining room. Part of the pond is a swimable pool. By the pool there is a solar powered shower and ecological toilets. Near by the entrance there is also a shed for bicycles, also used to put away summer things in winter.

Spring has its Easter eggs to look for in the garden.

Summer when the garden explodes with flowers and it is time to have fun by the pool.

Autumn all turns orange and it is Halloween time

Winter all is white and it is Christmas time

Here is a general overview of ground floor, first floor and second floor.

Please come in :

Here is the living

This is the kitchen and the dining room

Finally, the bedroom and the bathroom

Some other outside views of the place :

By the pool which is in fact a swimable pond

The summer kitchen

When its raining cats and dogs

and on a nice winter morning

It is build on a 50x25 lot in Hiden Spring, but of course you may move it wherever you like as the ground is flat.
I have all EP's and SP's

I always use plenty of CC's.
As this contest is specially based on the Seasonal Lot Marker I have emptied the house so that the download wouldn't be too heavy but the garden still has plenty of CC's.

CC list

MensureSeverinkaAstraSimsSims3DKhany simsShakeshaftMadnessOfKanoYaeryt96   Angela   alex_stanton   Mutske
DOT   Sim_man123   
Want to try it in your game ?
Tada !!! GET IT HERE !.

Remember this is an inside non furnished version. If you want the "big" version all furnished, let me know. I could maybe also make a CC free (only EA stuff) version if you really LOVE the place.  ;)

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