How to: Re-categorize, show in build/buy catalog, add to World Editor, etc. by Nona Mena

Have you ever wanted to make a hidden object show up in the catalog, or change the build/buy categories of a catalog? Maybe you wish a certain object would show up in the World Editor (Edit Town)? All of these mods require a special type of override: The OBJD override. OBJD overrides can accomplish many different goals:

Making an OBJD override uses the same basic concept as XML tuning mods: Find the OBJD resource for an object, export it to a new package, alter the OBJD (but with the Grid editor), and put the new package in your mods folder. However, you'll need a few different steps to accomplish this.

To complete this tutorial, you will need:

As usual, I do recommend the test versions of both S3PE and S3OC.

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