Inset Wall Niches 2: To Match Decorative Cutout Shelves by orangemittens

Three inset niches with framing around them to match my decorative cutout shelves. 

The niches have three channels and each separate niche has three slots.  They are available in .package and Sim3Pack formats.  The downloads are below the pictures.  I hope you enjoy :) 

The matching Cutout Shelves are here:

Picture and tool credits are below.

.package format:

Sim3Pack format:

Tool Credits

s3oc and s3pe - Peter and Inge Jones
Helpers for s3pe - A
Mesh helpers for Blender and MS - Peter Jones
Blender tools - Cmo
MS plugins - Wes Howe
3T - Inge
3T viewer - A
Sims 3 Pack tool - Peter Jones

Picture Credits

Decorative box of s3pe - Cmomoney at Leefish :
Small potted daisies - Cmomoney at MTS :
Wall paintings, area rugs, small paintings and kokeshi doll by me at Indigo here :
Liquor bottle by me and posted here at Simlogical :

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